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March 9, 2010

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September 1, 2007

The full list of 2007’s Top 50 Mailers (excludes catalogers) Company Sales/Revenue Industry List Manager(s) (in millions) Citigroup $146,558 Financial Does not rent Bank of America $117,017 Financial Does not rent JP Morgan Chase $99,845 Financial Does not rent 4 Sprint/Nextel $41,028 Telecommunications Does not rent American Express $27,136 Financial/Media Millard Group Washington Mutual $26,454 Financial Does not rent Capital One $15,191 Financial Does not rent Time Inc. $5,846 Media Millard Group/ Belardi-Ostroy Inc. 4 Pitney Bowes Co. $5,730 Business Services MeritDirect Salvation Army $5,300 Nonprofit Does not rent 4 Discover Card Services Inc. $5,000 Financial Does not rent Hearst Magazines $4,550 Media Direct Media International American Red Cross $3,919 Nonprofit The Carol Enters List Co./ American List Counsel The New York Times Company $3,289.9 Media American List Counsel BMG/Columbia House $2,400 Media Specialists Marketing Services/American List Counsel Reader’s Digest Association $2,386.2* Media American List Counsel/ The Catamount Group 4 Scholastic Inc. $2,283.8 Media Specialists Marketing Services/ Millard Group/List Services Corp. Dow Jones & Company $1,783.9 Media American List Counsel Meredith Corp. $1,600 Media American List Counsel/ Millard Group Company Sales/Revenue Industry List Manager(s) (in millions) Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Society $1,623 Nonprofit Direct Media International Conde Nast Publications $1,400 Media Millard

Five E-mail Marketing Tips for Publishers
July 19, 2006

The publishing sector, it’s safe to say, is still largely driven by direct mail communication. But many publishing companies are testing into the e-mail channel to take advantage of its cost efficiencies and timeliness. At the DM Days New York Conference and Expo last month, several publishing experts took part in a session on offline and online marketing strategies that was moderated by Pegg Nadler, president of Pegg Nadler Associates. These panelists included Michelle Rutkowski, interactive marketing director at Taunton Press, a publisher of magazines, books and videos; Ann Wixon, executive marketing director of Healthy Directions, a newsletter publisher and provider of physician-branded supplements;

Crafting a Perfect Market
June 1, 2005

By Kendra Wilson Once upon a time, adolescents were apprenticed to a master craftsman who would teach them a profession, a craft, if you will. Today, we've tacked on the word "arts" and suddenly the immediate association of the word "crafts" has changed to little kids run amuck with Elmer's glue and great aunt Ida humming along gleefully, her knitting needles clickity clicking a great, big ball of fuchsia yarn. In truth, crafters truly do run that gamut, from the young to the simply young at heart. According to Jerry Cohen, publisher and president of All American Crafts (AAC), parent company to

Market Focus: Golfers
July 1, 2004

Know Your Line of Play If you’re not out on the green every weekend, you may think of golfers as a bunch of middle-aged, C-level executives schmoozing in silly hats. Then again, it might also be the young Tiger Woods, dapper in his crisp polos. So the real question is, who are golfers, really? In the United States alone, there are approximately 26.2 million golfers, according to the National Golf Foundation (NGF), a Jupiter, Fla.-based company that offers golf-business research, information and consulting services. It further notes that they spent a total of $24.3 billion in 2002 on equipment and fees, making this a

TM0703_Market Focus, Motorcycle Enthusiasts
July 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Motorcycle Madness was once a condition that almost solely infected the 350-pound Hell's Angel type who lives in old blue jeans and dirty leather. Today, motorcycling in America is more for sport than for transportation, and it is more popular with all ranges of society than at any other time, says Buzz Kanter, editor in chief and publisher of motorcycle magazines American Iron and RoadBike. "Our readers range from dentists to guys missing teeth," Kanter jokes. "We have found much of the growing popularity with motorcycles is from people well into their careers, usually in their late

Small Office/Home Office
March 1, 2003

By Paul Barbagallo Currently, 15 million small businesses are active in America, if you define a small business as an enterprise with one to 500 employees. By the fourth quarter of 2002, more than half of these small businesses saw improvement in sales from the three previous quarters, according to a survey conducted by Business Know-How, a small business online service for home office professionals and small businesses. A recent study by financial experts Cattles Invoice Finance reveals that, compared to 2001, almost 80 percent of small companies and self-run businesses enjoyed the same or higher profits in 2002, even though just under

Boating Enthusiasts
July 1, 2002

By Paul Barbagallo He is the dad who prepares a bait and tackle box with his son at dawn, the woman who returns to the office Monday morning with a fresh tan, and the man who has saltwater bounding through his veins. The boater demographic, albeit heterogeneous, composes an extremely profitable segment of the buying population. Whether their maritime hobby calls for a quality-time cruise with the family or a weekend fishing jaunt with the guys, boaters are great prospects for a variety of offers. People who race sailboats are a sizable market as well, although somewhat different in makeup. However, many

First-time parents make terrific prospects (875 words)
May 1, 2001

By Donna Loyle Each year, 4 million new babies are born in the United States—40 percent to first-time parents. And new parents have a need to buy, well, just about everything for their infants. A new mother is, in essence, a new consumer, says Steve Kantor, publisher of New Parent magazine. "Having a baby is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, lifestage event. As such, new mothers are open to new products that can enhance their lives and their babies' lives." As in any primary life change, new parents are in a prime buying mode. In addition to the predictable products—baby

TM0301_Market Focus, Judaica (1,517 words)
March 1, 2001

Targeting this close-knit niche can be hard, but also rewarding By Brendan Maher As far as market share goes, Christmas is the clear winner over Hanukkah. Its popularity as a major marketing event isn't even matched by the Super Bowl (yet). At least one person tried to change that: "So, if it feels like you're the only kid on the block without a Christmas tree, here's a list of people that are Jewish just like you and me." Saturday Night Live's Adam Sandler may have been joking when he went on to list famous Jews from David Lee Roth to Mr. Spock in