3 Ways to Instill Brand Image Into Your Web Site
August 14, 2008

When it comes to the language used in online content, there needs to be a balance of “clarity and color,” according to Forrester Research’s principal analyst, Ron Rogowski, in his report Web Site Copy That Builds Brands. To maintain a balance of clear, concise copy that has the thoroughness of an instruction manual while still eliciting the appropriate feeling about your brand, check out these three tips from Rogowski.

17 Hours in the Real America
October 23, 2007

On Friday, October 12 my wife, Peggy, and I took the overnight train out of Washington’s Union Station bound for Chicago and the Direct Marketing Association conference and exhibition. The following Wednesday, we flew home: Up at 5:30 a.m.; traffic jam during the taxi ride to O’Hare; hefting our bags to check-in at US Airways; being treated like terrorists by screeners; calorie-laden breakfast at Chili’s with plastic eating utensils; two hours in the crowded waiting room amidst loud cell phone yappers; middle seats in a sealed aluminum tube and hurled at 500 mph across the country for two hours; exit madness with apprehension over the

Satellite Radio: Seriously, Folks, Are XM and Sirius Serious? Ignoring Marketing Basics Can Cost Big Time
August 31, 2006

The dry test is a beautiful thing. If you have an itch to start a magazine, two ways exist to scratch that itch: 1. Dry test. Spend $100,000 to find a universe of likely subscribers, create a direct mail package that makes your magazine so real that people believe it exists, offer three issues free, and see if anybody responds. You won’t know retention, which only comes after the publication has started and readers either love it or are ho-hummed by it. But a dry test will let you see if your idea fogs the mirror. 2. Spend millions starting a magazine and hope someone buys it. A

Three 800-pound Guerillas
August 8, 2006

If the Iraq War is considered a business model, it is unraveling—just like General Motors (and Ford and DaimlerChrysler). A number of knowledgeable experts have declared our Iraq incursion not to be winnable. It does not take a language scholar to read between the lines of General Abizaid’s and General Pace’s testimony to see that the Pentagon is beginning to agree. That’s because no one has a clue about how to deal with three 800-pound guerrillas. The three 800-pound guerillas are al Qaeda plus Sunni and Shi’a murderers that are turning Baghdad into a scene reminiscent of Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment” on the altar wall of the

Dress Codes--Do They Matter?
August 30, 2005

Yes, especially if you are facing jail time. IN THE NEWS Susanna Goihman, the Philadelphia restaurant owner whose 2002 Lexus struck and killed 15-year-old Kayla Peter on June 19, surrendered to police yesterday on a single charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The charge was filed, according to District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham, to ensure that Goihman, a Venezuelan national, would not flee the country. More serious charges remain possible as the investigation continues, she said. --Thomas J. Gibbons Jr., Joseph A. Slobodzian and Jacqueline Soteropoulos "Goihman surrenders in fatal hit-and-run" Philadelphia Inquirer, Aug. 23,

Guerrilla Marketing
August 16, 2005

Can it live up to its hype? IN THE NEWS NEW YORK -- Marketing executives at GM's Hummer division, a frequent advertiser in the glossy culture magazine Black Book, have often said they want exposure outside traditional ad pages. --Nat Ives and Jean Halliday "Auto Giants Push Harder for Magazine Product Placement", Aug. 16, 2005 SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- Some colorful cows are taking the place of big, bulky roadside advertisements in one Florida county. The bovine billboards are dyed bright pink and purple and are stenciled with ads for The online casino also paid thousands for the "Virgin Mary grilled cheese"

Delight Your Customers
April 1, 2002

Fulfilling Customers' Orders ... and Expectations By Denny Hatch The next time a wonk gets up at a direct marketing conference and parrots the current industry buzzwords—customer relationship management, retention marketing, back-end marketing and customer satisfaction—stand up and let fly with a noisy raspberry cheer. Consign these tired platitudes to the scrap heap of bad ideas. Anyone with half a brain and half a computer can satisfy a customer. But only when you continually delight customers will they keep coming back. The Tale of the Lexus A friend of consultant Don Jackson bought a Lexus—a $45,000 piece of machinery. He could afford a

List View-Back to Basics (959 words)
August 1, 2001

LOOK TO THE BASICS TO TURN A MARGINAL YEAR INTO A SUCCESS By Heather Maylander It is that time of year when everyone is forecasting, predicting and projecting that all important fourth quarter sales number. How much will 2001 holiday sales be up over 2000 sales—8 percent, 5 percent, 2 percent? The naysayers will start to question whether they will even be up at all. What market segments will be hot? What will be the must-have cool gift that will headline every morning talk show? Direct marketers, too, are in the middle of the fray, depending on fall and holiday mail campaigns to