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Alternate Media - What's Worth Testing? (777 words)
March 1, 2000

With the recently proposed postal rate increases of 6.4 percent by 2001 and changes in mail processing that could eliminate any hope for discounts offered for mailer worksharing, many direct marketers have found themselves looking for alternate ways to market their products and services in addition to traditional Standard A mailing. In fact, aside from postage increases, the CPM for solo direct mail rose steadily between 1994 and 1998, during which the cost to mail a control package increased $60, according to Capell's Circulation Report (spring 1998). As a result of these trends, alternate media—with its cost advantages and targetability—could be the wave

The Changing Role of the Broker (545 words)
August 1, 1999

by Cheryl Bagdan Not so long ago, many brokers simply sent out data cards scribbled with a few notes and called it a recommendation. As the 20th century draws to a close, the role of list brokers has evolved into one of a partnership with their mailers. "The biggest change in the role of a successful broker is that they see beyond just [recommending] mailing lists and become a strategic marketing partner," says Prescott Bullard, director of list marketing at Phillips Publishing. But what separated good brokers from the rest in the past still holds true today—some of it is measurable and some

What's New and What's Hot in Alternative Print Media? (1,045 wo
March 1, 1999

By Rachel McLaughlin What's new in the world of alternate media? Lots! Traditional alternate media options, such as inserts in billing statements, have been joined by some newcomers. Telecoms have opened their billing statements to advertisers; and more unusual ways of reaching people, such as ticket jacket advertising and airport baggage carousel messages, offer more alternative options than ever before for marketers looking beyond traditional direct mail for ways to prospect. A Whole New World A whole new avenue of statement stuffers has recently opened up: the giant telecom industry. AT&T Wireless Long Distance and MCI WorldCom went to alternate media company

Alternate Options (2,181 words)
December 1, 1998

Have you tried direct mail and found it to be too expensive for prospecting? Do you want to qualify prospects using a cheaper vehicle before sending out a solo direct mail effort? Or would you like to add a new program to your marketing plan? According to Jody Smith, alternate media director at Walter Karl, a good marketing plan includes alternate media as one of its elements. "As offers become more and more targeted and new mailers continue to enter the marketplace, no direct marketer should rely on just one form of advertising to meet or even exceed their desired goals. Whether

Alternative Print Media-Interview with Leon Henry
April 1, 1998

How do you beat the high cost of solo mail? Leon Henry, chairman, CEO and founder of Leon Henry Inc., has an answer: He calls it Alternative Print Media. Those are the offers you find in your merchandise shipment from a catalog company (package inserts)... multi-offers in fat envelopes (co-ops)... catalog bind-ins and blow-ins... free-standing inserts in your Sunday newspaper (FSIs)... extraneous pieces in outgoing direct mail (ride-alongs)... statement stuffers... card decks... supermarket take-ones... even offers on airline ticket jackets. The late guru Dick Benson once said: Think of alternative media, co-ops, and FSIs as short-copy media. Consultant Bob Doscher says: Think of