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Layering Inserts With Solo Efforts for Bigger Results
May 13, 2009

A reliable, low-cost marketing tool at any time, insert media typically gets more attention during times of economic adversity—but perhaps not for all the right reasons. While these programs can provide marketers with an alternative to a direct mail campaign, they also can help drive incremental sales as part of a multichannel campaign to the same audience.

Insert Media Buying Guide: Help Wanted
September 1, 2007

The good news: Insert media continues to blossom, with new programs being announced regularly. The could-be-better news: The channel still needs more players, both advertisers and program owners. While this medium has seen significant expansion in recent years, everyone with a stake in its success is clamoring for more. More large programs. More variety in advertisers and offers. To identify a few of the main challenges and opportunities in the insert media arena, Target Marketing called on two leading experts: Leon Henry, chairman and CEO of Leon Henry Inc., and Lisa Roland, president of Everyday Media. They shared their thoughts on how marketers can leverage

Insert Media Buying Guide: Special Report
September 1, 2007

With media fragmentation a reality for all marketers, finding a way to be in more places at the same time is critical to capturing prospects’ and customers’ attention, not to mention growing sales. At the same time, those locations all need to produce an acceptable ROI. Due to its attractive CPMs and the increasing number of available programs, some marketers are considering insert media campaigns for the very first time. And they’re finding that this channel can work well, but only if they’re willing to really invest some time to build a media strategy and to be tireless in their testing. While more insert

Insert Media: Testing How-tos That’ll Make a Difference
October 11, 2006

You’ve finally got it. The “holy grail” of insert media, you so humbly think. Well, response rates might be up today, but it’s difficult to guarantee they’ll remain there tomorrow. Or is it? Testing your insert media campaign may not be as glamorous as brainstorming a shiny, new “big idea” but, as Barbara Henry, executive vice president of insert media and list management firm, Leon Henry Inc., notes, rotating pieces through your core program is proven to be the best way to prevent fatigue over the long term. The majority of today’s buyers are fair-weather friends, at best. Preparing for the future gives a marketer

Insert Media Buying Guide: Know Today’s Insert Media Terrain
September 1, 2006

It’s the start of fall, and many of us have just returned from vacation. The demands of our industry may be far from center stage. However, this is a time when many companies are solidifying their plans for the coming year, and understanding the issues that are shaping the insert media landscape is a crucial part of this planning process. Here are a few trends and challenges to consider as you prepare to tackle the holiday season and beyond. Trend: Catalog Blow-ins Increasingly, catalogers are opening up their mailings to include insert blow-ins. For instance, in the last year, we’ve seen an addition of approximately 46

Famous Last Words: A Business Proposition
July 1, 2006

Living in Stamford, Conn., for 20 years with no professional teams nearby, my wife, Peggy, and I were not sports fans. When we moved to Philadelphia in 1992, we became rabid Eagles fans and never miss a game—on television, since (1) tickets are expensive and (2) I have lousy eyesight and thus trouble following the action at a distance. The last time the Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference was held in New Orleans, I was hurrying to a list company party when I ran into a guy wearing a simply splendid Philadelphia Eagles green and white logo pendant on the end of a chain of

Straight Talk: Insert Opportunity
September 1, 2005

With Tracy A. Gill Insert media may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of direct mail, but for years it steadily has grown as a revenue source for mailers interested in opening their packages to third-party advertisers and for marketers looking to tap new markets by buying into such programs. Leon Henry, insert media pioneer and founder of Hartsdale, N.Y.-based brokerage Leon Henry Inc., and Linda Callahan, the firm's senior vice president, spoke with me recently about the challenges of navigating this complex medium and the opportunities that abound for those willing to take

Special Report Insert Media Buying Guide
September 1, 2005

If location is any measure of success, that this year's Insert Day will be held in the Big Apple suggests that insert media as a sector is gaining more visibility. And nothing fosters success like more success. According to research conducted by Leon Henry Inc., about 60 new insert programs entered the market in the first six months of 2005. Given that Media Horizons puts the number of programs with annual circulations of 500,000 or more at 650, this growth spurt is a promising sign for a prospecting channel that used to be considered "alternate." And yet it's hard to define the size

Keeping Pace
February 1, 2005

By Abny Santicola We all know the phrase, "It's like riding a bike." And most of us have ridden or ride bikes. But is that all it takes to be considered a cyclist, or is there more? According to a 2003 sports participation study by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), the overall bicycle riding population—made up of individuals 7 years of age or older who bike six or more times a year—numbers 36.3 million in the United States. But that's a pretty wide net. A truer representation of the cycling market is a group NSGA refers to as "frequent participants"—those who have biked

Insert Media Community Links
February 1, 2005

The DMA Insert Media Council McDar Internet Marketing Consultants Following are a few list management/brokerage companies with in-depth information online regarding insert media: All Media Inc. Leon Henry Inc. Stanton Direct Marketing Inc.