Overstock.com’s Jacob Hawkins on Customer-generated Reviews
October 3, 2007

Few marketing touchpoints put customers in the driver seat the way customer product systems do. While this tactic has its detractors—those worried about negative publicity and those pointing out the ability for marketers to post fake reviews—consumer approval is convincing larger numbers of online merchants to take the plunge. JupiterResearch reported last year that 48 percent of online shoppers it polled find customer reviews helpful in making online purchasing decisions. Overstock.com, the Salt Lake City-based mass merchandise e-tailer, has not needed any prodding on this front. The company launched in 1999 and opened up its site to customer-generated reviews just two years later, says Jacob

How Good Is Your Customer Service?
July 1, 2006

What’s the state of customer service in America? Given all the attention this topic generates in a consumer-driven marketplace, you probably don’t need to read the following statistics—but to make a point, we’re going to tell you anyway. Consider that: • A March 2006 study released by JupiterResearch reported that more than half of online consumers are taking their business to other merchants or service providers because of poor online service. Ouch! • The Customer Care Call Center Survey, research conducted over the course of 2005 by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing and based on the feedback of a few hundred direct marketing

Special Report - Search Engine Marketing
April 1, 2006

When companies talk at search conferences about Web site improvements they implemented based on analysis of search users' behavior, they typically throw around increased sales numbers in the millions. These case studies likely represent some of the best results possible, but experts note that solid revenue is at stake for all companies willing to drill down into their online analytics to uncover conversion opportunities. This report takes a look at the impact of online analytics on paid and organic search, but with a stronger focus on paid. The reason? As Lisa Wehr, founder and CEO of search engine marketing (SEM) firm Oneupweb, puts

Special Report Affiliate Marketing
October 1, 2005

Although it's had its share of problems over the past few years—such as incidents of click fraud and spamming issues—affiliate marketing is fast becoming a key part of many e-commerce businesses. According to JupiterResearch's report, Affiliate Marketing Developing a Solid Affiliate Base, when asked about their affiliate programs, 78 percent of merchants with affiliate programs grew those programs in 2004, and 38 percent grew them by as much as 25 percent or more. Furthermore, last year, nearly all of these merchants had at least one dedicated, full-time employee managing their affiliate programs, and only one in 10 merchants who have an affiliate program