Creeper Alert: Don't Let Social Selling Get Creepy
July 14, 2015

My phone at work has got to ring at least 10 times a day. And unless it's a number I recognize or an in-office call, I let it go to voicemail. Usually, the call comes hot on the heels of me pressing submit on a form to download a whitepaper or some new research — not even a full minute goes by sometimes! I'm guessing that I'm not alone in being weirded out by these instantaneous calls, and a new infographic from HubSpot confirmed my beliefs(and across a variety of mediums as well).

Marketing Technology Liberates and Enables
May 1, 2015

Marketing technology has exploded in the past three years. According to Chief Marketing Technologist, as many as 1,876 tech companies are battling it out for your dollars in 2015, nearly doubled in number from last year. The largest single category in marketing tech is marketing automation, with no fewer than 211 solutions available today.

Best Practices Exist for a Reason, Part 2: Landing Pages
April 23, 2015

In my last post, I gave some specific and proven best practices for the creation of successful emails. In this post, I'll talk about Landing Pages—because now that you've been able to lure your target into opening your email and clicking on the embedded link(s), you want to continue to drive that prospect to your desired outcome.

What Consumers Buy Over and Over Again
March 19, 2015

American consumers have an average annual income of $63,784 before taxes and spend $51,100 of it. Five categories of goods and services eat up about 82 percent of that purchasing power, according to a February 2015 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Bear in mind that BLS is basing those numbers on "consumer units," which are just as easily individuals as they are families.)

Headline Words That Work
February 23, 2015

Some long-accepted copywriting tricks don't work to gain clickthroughs on headlines via email, mobile, social media or online means. For example, the often-used "you," "your" or "you're" words actually decrease CTRs, say New York-based Outbrain and Cambridge, Mass.-based HubSpot. On Feb. 17, the marketing software providers who teamed up to create the research titled "Data-Driven Strategies For Writing Effective Titles and Headlines" used a few of their findings in the tweet announcing the work.

What’s the Secret Mix for Social Media Success?
February 11, 2015

Realtors post on social media networks nearly 20 times a week, while e-commerce marketers tend to post a little more than six times. Yet e-commerce has more than three times the followers and, among e-com marketers who post more than 10 times a week, those marketers see nearly 12 times the engagement per post. Conversely, Realtors who post an average of less than once a week see nearly 4.5 interactions with that post.

HubSpot Content Strategist Erik Devaney's report delves into the secret mix that makes social media marketing work.

Best Times to Post on Social
January 21, 2015

This month, Facebook is "significantly" decreasing organic reach for promotional posts from Facebook Pages. So now seems like a good time to take a closer look at an infographic from Quicksprout about the best times of day to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

Do or Die: 3 Ways Marketers Can Tell the C-suite They’re Worth It
October 3, 2014

Panic attack time. The C-suite wants to know why this marketing thing they don't understand is worth the money. Is there real value? Of course, there is, direct marketers know. But what's the best way to communicate all of that to the CEO? On Sept. 30, Rachel Sprung wrote a post on the HubSpot inbound marketing blog titled "Speak Your CEO's Language: 3 Ways to Show Marketing's Impact on Revenue.

Give It Away Now!
August 14, 2014

David Meerman Scott probably wasn't listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers when he thought of his latest bit of advice for content marketers which is, in the words of the musicians, "Give it away/give it away/give it away/give it away, now!" After all, those musicians weren't in the lineup at the "Gathering of the Vibes" that the marketing strategist attended on Saturday morning, when he did come up with this bit advice.