Hallmark Business Expressions

Mail Activity Highlights: Telecomm
April 30, 2009

For telecommunications companies, the most efficient and profitable way to make money is getting prospects to buy bundled services, such as the popular cable-phone-internet package. That means either upgrading current customers, getting people to switch over from rival companies or tap into a larger-than-expected market of prospects who don't even have cable. Of course, the undercurrent is the economic hard times that so many prospective customers are experiencing, so the direct mail approach must strike the right notes to succeed, including promising that this bundle will confer both great benefits and savings for households.

Greeting Cards Hit Their Stride
March 1, 2001

The focus direct marketers have placed on customer relationship marketing makes an impact on their direct mail efforts. One complementary trend that has been building is that of greeting cards, used either as part of the overall direct mail effort or as the only element in the package. Quality Paperback Book Club and Columbia House were among the first marketers to incorporate greeting cards of their own design into mailings that targeted lapsed customers. Recently we've seen First Union (543FIRUNI0800) and Hallmark (910HALLMA1000) couple Hallmark Business Expressions cards with a single insert to draw attention to special promotions. The big winner from last December's