Federal Express

FedEx Vines for New One Rate Shipping Service
December 6, 2013

To push its new One Rate flat-rate shipping service this holiday season, courier delivery services company FedEx has launched a multimedia campaign that includes the brand's first Vine videos. The Vines include two packages with holiday themes. One package is to refs from coaches with the message, "Ship it all using #FedEx #OneRate, so now you can see what's actually

Amazon Tests Drones for Same-Day Parcel Delivery
December 3, 2013

Amazon.com Inc. is testing drones to deliver goods as the world’s largest e-commerce company works to improve efficiency and speed in getting products to consumers.  Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos unveiled the plan on CBS’s “60 Minutes” news program in the U.S., showing interviewer Charlie Rose the flying machines that can serve as delivery vehicles. Bezos said the gadgets, called octocopters, can carry as much as 5 pounds

Amazon Is Closer Than Ever to Running the U.S. Postal Service
November 13, 2013

Amazon’s drive for global domination took on a new dimension recently, when it was revealed that the world’s largest online retailer now owns a day of the week. … In a country where the laws of retail commerce have long since trumped religious custom on Sundays, shipping has remained a stubborn holdout. It’s extra surprising that the organization to finally break that tradition would be a lumbering independent federal agency rather than a private company—especially because the Postal Service has been talking about cutting rather than expanding the number of days it delivers. Yet if any company could

Senate Postal Bill Hits a Setback
November 6, 2013

A range of Senate Democrats—many from red states—have serious concerns about a leading proposal to overhaul the U.S. Postal Service, adding a new impediment to Congress’s efforts to get legislation done. The Postal Service is on pace to bleed more than $20 billion over 2012 and 2013, and top officials there have urged Democrats and Republicans to come together on a legislative fix. But in the latest setback for postal reform, some Democrats say a current Senate bill would do too much to, among other things, slow down delivery standards and eat into USPS’s remaining competitive advantages

When Companies Lose Customers …
October 30, 2013

United Parcel Service suffered staggering customer defection as a consequence of its 15-day Teamsters work stoppage in 1997. The result was that, even after their 80,000 drivers were back behind the wheels of their delivery trucks or tractor-trailers, many thousands of UPS workers were laid off. A UPS manager in Arkansas was quoted as saying: "To the degree that our customers come back will dictate whether those jobs come back."

If Brands Had More Honest Slogans ...
October 25, 2013

These taglines get to the heart of the matter. Honest Slogans is yet another snarky advertising Tumblr that is exactly what it sounds like, for better or worse. I feel like there's already a lot of stuff like this out there, and whomever's moderating Honest Slogans could have been a little pickier. There are three separate iterations of "We don't have Coke, is Pepsi okay?" and that's only funny once. I did get a chuckle out of "FedEx: It's Probably Broken," though.

DMA's Woolley: Data-Driven Marketing Is 'Made in America' - Don't Ruin It
October 15, 2013

If "data-driven marketing" could sport a manufacturer's label, it would be "Made in America," says Linda A. Woolley, the president and CEO of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). But that's not the only reason U.S. legislators should support the practice, rather than trying to pass laws that will "muck around" with the industry that generated $156 billion in revenue and funded more than 675,000 jobs in 2012, she says, quoting statistics from research DMA released on Monday at DMA2013 in Chicago.

Chicago With a Purpose: Wrapping up the DMA2013 Session Picks
October 7, 2013

With apology, I want to say that this blog is a little about me—what topics I'm interested in, and sharing a little bit of this knowledge (or lack of knowledge) with blog readers. In the process, I'm hopeful you're doing the same bit of pre-conference research—because it is this forethought and planning, beyond the engagements and booth visits on the Exhibit Hall floor, which make for a truly informative DMA13 conference

USPS Emergency Rate Hike May Happen, Postmaster Says
September 20, 2013

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said Thursday his agency is in "the midst of a financial disaster" and may need an emergency increase in postage rates to keep operating. "The Postal Service as it exists today is financially unsustainable," he told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. It's a message that the postmaster general has been delivering to Congress with regularity over the past several months. Donahoe pressed lawmakers for swift action on legislation to fix his agency's finances. Without help from Congress, the agency expects its multibillion-dollar annual losses to worsen. He warned the agency's cash liquidity remains

Warby Parker Trailblazed a New Type of Commerce - What's Next?
September 10, 2013

"So, there's this glasses company that will send you four ... no, five frames so you can try them on at home," a friend told me recently. If we were on a trivia show, I would have slammed down my buzzer and announced, "Warby Parker!" But this wasn't a game, and I actually didn't feel all that cool when I replied, "Yes, I got my glasses from that company more than a year ago." Instead, it felt like I bumped up against the wall of my tech bubble