How Cookie Alternatives From Microsoft and Google Stack Up
October 18, 2013

Microsoft plans to throw its hat into the ring of tech giants looking to replace the cookie. Both it and Google are eyeing their own technologies to track people's digital behaviors—the sites they visit, the apps they use, the videos they watch, etc. Such a cookie replacement would help them better target ads—as well as give them immense power in the the digital-advertising space. How might the longtime rivals' odds stack up?

Tiffany Pushes Mobile via Pandora App Ads
May 25, 2012

Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is pushing a new collection ... on its mobile commerce-enabled site via an advertisement in the Pandora iPhone application. The mobile ad takes up the width of the screen in the Pandora app and shows two necklace pendants. Tiffany is bringing users to its commerce-enabled site from the ad that shows 23 pieces from the new Villa Paloma collection. “Luxury consumers— and consumers, in general, for that matter—spend considerable time in apps. Especially those that entertain, inform, are social in nature or provide some form of functional utility,” said Scott Forshay, mobile and emerging technologies strategist

A Long Term Vision for the USPS
May 24, 2012

Over the past week, the Postal Service announced significant changes in its business focus and management structure that could have significant impact on its ability to both serve customer needs and improve its financial position. The changes that the Postal Service is making suggest a vision for the Postal Service that goes beyond traditional postal services and could include many non-traditional ways of meeting needs of its communication and parcel delivery customers. Competing visions for the future of the U.S. Postal Service:

Archive Observations: A Good Time To Look Back
January 22, 2009

Amidst the market turbulence in October, a number of mailings stopped offering free reviews of finances and investments. Instead, they are providing services to reassure prospects and help alleviate any financial stress.

Affiliate Marketing: Talk Is Not CHEAP
October 1, 2006

Running a productive affiliate program hinges on effective communication with your affiliates. Merchants need to listen to feedback from these online partners and be proactive in maintaining contact with them. Affiliates are your online sales force, and as such they often are the experts when it comes to reaching new customers online. They can help you learn what works. But a smart communication strategy starts the dialogue before the affiliate even applies to be part of your program. Affiliate Recruitment To attract top affiliate partners, provide prospective affiliates with as much organized information as possible. In your recruitment communications, clearly delineate the following:

Surround Your Customers and Clients
October 20, 2005

Case study: Bill Bonner, master marketer Oct. 20, 2005: Vol. 1, Issue No. 41 IN THE NEWS Secrets of the "Untourist" Revealed Never go where tourists go... Never sleep where tourists sleep... Never eat where tourists eat. Click Here --Pop-up Internet Ad Agora Publishing Oct. 16, 2007 In 1979, a fledgling entrepreneur named Bill Bonner was bloodied by three failures and was $70,000 in debt. In his head he conceived a newsletter to be called International Living for people who wanted the good life, but couldn't afford it in the United States. He sat down at

Taking Credit
Strategies for Managing Credit Card Payments
December 1, 2003

Strategies for Managing Credit Card Payments By Ernie Schell Like many technologies, managing e-commerce credit card payments has become commoditized. With the methods used to manage authorizations and charges now routine and standard, and with hundreds of vendors vying for your business, costs have plummeted to near rock-bottom levels, as well. Nevertheless, handling credit card payments in any medium is always fraught with its share of challenges—preventing fraudulent charges and theft of credit card data chief among them—and the details, though manageable, require close attention. The following explanations are simplified, covering the most important details you need to know. Authorizations vs. Charges When a

Are You In or Out?
November 1, 2003

By Gina Valentino Nobody likes to talk about outsourcing. Looking beyond the walls of the organization is complicated. But for good managers, the decision-making process should be ruled by simple math and balanced with sound judgment. Regardless of the type of company, outsourcing provides alternatives to hiring full-time employees and investing in capital. As with any decision, a cost justification is necessary. Each organization is different, and the decision to outsource or develop the resources internally requires due diligence. Keep It Simple There are as many metrics as there are managers. When developing comparison data to determine whether in-house or outsource options

August 1, 2002

By Denny Hatch Ihave always believed that because a great deal of information about my wife and myself was out in cyberspace, our lives are much easier. When we moved to Philadelphia, we got a mortgage in one day. When we were in Istanbul, I stuck a piece of plastic into a machine and instantly became a Turkish millionaire (US$5 = 7.9 million Turkish lira). In the past I've frequently quoted freelancer Ed McLean's rule: "You must dumb down what you know." To be successful, personal information about the subject must operate behind the copy, not be part of it (e.g., not: "Congratulations