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Lists: A Little B-to-B Cooperation
March 1, 2007

Why should you consider B-to-B cooperative databases? Because they reduce the complexity of finding good prospects to mail. There are two kinds of cooperative databases available today: Abacus’ B2B Alliance and Experian’s B2B Base, which are of the membership type, and Direct Media’s Data Warehouse and Merit Direct’s MeritBase, which are list-specific options. It is important to put these prospecting sources into perspective. A few definitions and figures will give us a framework. As of January 2007, there are 301 million people living in the United States. From that total, 146 million are employed: 115 million work in non-farm, private sector jobs, and 22

Avoid Information Overload
January 1, 2006

Look to your ultimate business objectives to determine what data is worthy to collect and keep By Irene Cherkassky Common practice suggests that when you start any endeavor, you always should start at the beginning. However, when it comes to data collection, it’s far more advantageous to start at the end. “Trying to decide what data you want without having a very clear picture of what it is you’re trying to do—what are the business objectives—[is like] shooting in the dark,” explains Chris Lucas, vice president of product management for the Sales and Marketing Solutions group at Short Hills, N.J.-based D&B, a global provider

Data Quality Checkup (1,424 words)
December 1, 1999

To understand how pervasive an issue data quality is within a direct marketing organization, think back to the old TV commercials: "BASF—We make the things you buy better." As Trish Brothers, product marketing specialist at Firstlogic Inc., La Crosse, WI, explains, "Whether it's marketing activities, marketing results or data mining, data quality makes it better." As amazing as it may seem, the simple problem of duplicate records is still the number-one data-quality issue. "But it (a dupe) is really a symptom of how well you can match your existing data," Brothers says. For instance, she says, pointing to this writer's name as an