Custom Content Council

Strategic Content Marketing: 5 Keys to a Plan That Pays Off
April 8, 2013

Content marketing is proving to be a game changer for many marketers, both in how they engage customers and position brands in the digital space. According to the Custom Content Council, 60 percent of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and they are also more likely to buy from that company. Whether generating leads, supporting sales efforts or improving search engine visibility, content strategy plays an increasingly important role in successful marketing programs. Here are five tips for developing a successful content marketing strategy

Content Marketing and Humor: It’s OK to Pet the Puppy
August 10, 2012

Humor is human. It’s the great equalizer, icebreaker and stress reliever. And, wielded skillfully, it can be a powerful marketing tool. This point was hammered home during 2012’s Custom Media Day conference, hosted in New York City by the Custom Content Council. Speakers explored a range of topics relating to custom content creation, from vertical integration and targeted Web marketing to reputation and rebranding campaigns. But one theme carried throughout the day: Humor can drive clicks. The concept was simple enough: Readers are drawn to funny content, funny content incites shares and the ensuing clickthrough rates escalate.

Using Comedy in B-to-B Advertising Offers a New Hook
August 1, 2012

Consumer marketers have long used humor to get their messages out. By comparison, most business marketers—with a few notable exceptions—generally tend to play it safe. Tim Washer, senior marketing manager at Cisco Systems, thinks B-to-B companies should give serious thought to using comedy in their marketing efforts. "Consumer brands get away with being ridiculous all the time and that's fine," he said. But with the proliferation of social media, "it doesn't matter if [the audience] is B-to-B or consumer. They're people."