How Cookie Alternatives From Microsoft and Google Stack Up
October 18, 2013

Microsoft plans to throw its hat into the ring of tech giants looking to replace the cookie. Both it and Google are eyeing their own technologies to track people's digital behaviors—the sites they visit, the apps they use, the videos they watch, etc. Such a cookie replacement would help them better target ads—as well as give them immense power in the the digital-advertising space. How might the longtime rivals' odds stack up?

Top 50 Mailers
September 1, 2013

Welcome to the brand new list of Target Marketing's Top 50 Mailers. For the first time, we are relying exclusively on data from our partner Who's Mailing What! in compiling this list, as well as the other lists in this article, combined with list management information provided by SRDS. Who's Mailing What! has compiled the most complete library of direct mail and email in the world, and has tracked mail for more than 25 years. Earlier this year, it relaunched on a state-of-the-art, fully searchable platform.

Federal Judge Outlaws Internships
July 16, 2013

As readers of this online column know, in my 15th summer I apprenticed as an unpaid intern at the Ivoryton, Conn. summer playhouse. I spent 12 splendid weeks working like a demon for no money, doing whatever I was told to do. Most important of all, I learned how to write a press release and my first effort for the playhouse ran verbatim in The Middletown Press. Imagine seeing something you wrote at age 15 appearing in print! It was thrilling. That internship changed my life. It was then I decided to become a writer.

6 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Email Service Provider
June 1, 2013

The success of an email marketing program depends on a number of factors—your content, your artwork, your targeting—but one very important factor you may not have considered is your email service provider's (ESP) reputation. The ESP you choose to work with can make all the difference in whether your email ever gets to your customers and prospects. Here are the six questions you should ask prospective ESPs to determine which one would be the best partner for you

YouTube Stars Represent a Massive Media Shift
May 1, 2013

Howard Hughes used to house some of his space-age airplanes in a hangar in an industrial area of Los Angeles. These days, a different kind of mad experimental genius can be found in Hughes' old playground, which is now unofficially in Silicon Beach. Inside are cutting-edge green-screen and motion-capture equipment, a mini theater, editing rooms loaded with monitors, lots of sleek nooks and catwalks, even a dance studio straight out of Saturday Night Fever. There's a main studio marked by lighted signs warning "On Air"—ironic, since nothing produced here ever actually goes on air

Nexos Makes Augmented Reality Sing
April 1, 2013

Margaret M. Boller adheres to the first rule for most content creators: "Know your audience." As publisher of Nexos Latinos magazine, the president of Morristown, N.J.-based eclipse marketing services also knows an important statistic about her publication's 1.6 million readers—they're U.S. Latinos, and U.S. Latinos are leading the nation in mobile device ownership and use.

Microtargeted TV
February 1, 2013

The most effective marketing delivery channels today are powered by real addressable targeting and measurement. Marketers using direct mail, telemarketing, email and online display ads are realizing improved campaign results as they put the customer and deep data at the center of their efforts. It's time to consider including addressable television in that list of individually targetable marketing channels.

Verizon Patents Advertising Method That Can Tell Viewers Are Laughing, Cuddling, Sleeping or Singing
December 4, 2012

Verizon has filed a patent application for targeting ads to viewers based on information collected from infrared cameras and microphones that would be able to detect conversations, people, objects and even animals that are near a TV. If the detection system determines that a couple is arguing, a service provider would be able to send an ad for marriage counseling to a TV or mobile device in the room. If the couple utters words that indicate they are cuddling, they would receive ads for "a romantic getaway vacation, a commercial for a contraceptive, a commercial for flowers"

It's Who You Know
December 1, 2012

I'm a big fan of social media. I jumped on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., but it didn't occur to me until recently that social media could help direct marketers by leveraging influencers. In other words, I was a purist—I was communicating on social media for the pure joy of talking to people, meeting them and learning. I didn't think about it as leveraging anyone, but there is something to be said for targeting respected followers and encouraging them to recommend you.

Addressable TV Ads Might—Finally—Be Ready for Prime Time
September 5, 2012

If you watch TV, chances are you've come upon Mayhem, the devil-may-care character who is seemingly everywhere in commercials for Allstate. But in one new instance, the character will be decidedly less mass market, appearing to talk to only a select few—by Allstate's choice. The No. 2 insurer has launched a new effort for renter's insurance, which will reach TV viewers who rent, rather than own, their homes. The ads, beamed on a highly targeted basis by Dish Network and DirecTV, mark the first time Allstate has used TV to advertise renter's insurance but also signal that addressable TV