Get With the Program
May 1, 2015

Even though the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) declared "programmatic" the word of 2014, marketers self-admittedly lack deep knowledge and understanding of it. The ANA put it best when it stated that, when it comes to programmatic, "everyone is talking about it, trying to see how to measure it, implement and/or define it. But few people get it or do it."

Consumers Have Preferences for Personalized Digital Ads
August 5, 2013

Personalizing digital ads has become a priority for marketers, as data has made them better able to segment and target their consumer base. And in general, consumers have shown a fair amount of receptivity to these personalized ads. In an August 2012 survey from ChoiceStream, 35% of US internet users said they would like to receive personalized ads or recommendations online. Depending on the format, consumers may have even come to expect a certain degree of personalization.

ChoiceStream Launches Audience Targeting Platform CRUNCH
June 30, 2011

Company: ChoiceStream, a provider of personalized marketing solutions

Product/Service: CRUNCH, an audience targeting platform

What it Does: Enables brands to find qualified prospects regardless of where they are online, helping advertisers achieve reach in the most cost-efficient way possible. CRUNCH combines a proprietary database of consumer intentions from partners with select sources of behavioral data to customize the audience most likely to respond to an advertiser’s display ad campaign.

May 1, 2008

Melissa: Thanks for participating in our third eChat. Today we'll be discussing behavioral targeting. Let me start by asking any of you: How do you use behavioral targeting? Can you offer some examples? John-Scott: Shopping, degree of commitment, discount orientation, affinity. These are the types of behavior we are able to detect and respond relevantly to. Relevance increases conversion.