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Programmatic Advertising Is Running Amok
April 6, 2017 at 8:00 am

Having spent many years in the direct marketing business, I’m usually amused by examples of target marketing gone awry. My personal

How to Make a Good Instagram Ad
May 30, 2014

Instagram is under no pressure to start bringing money to its parent company, Facebook. So it’s taking its time to roll out ads the right way. Instagram’s main goal has always been to keep its users happy. This is still a priority as ads appear on the platform. Slapping obvious ads with CTAs on everybody’s feed would degrade their experience and would result in a whirlwind of negative feedback. So the only solution to transition into a profitable business is to ease users into it.

Hiring Database Marketing Partners (1,369 words)
February 1, 2002

A Successful RFP Nets You the Right Partners By Alicia Orr To execute database marketing requires bringing together many components—from creative to planning to software and systems. Some direct marketers prefer to hire a one-stop shop to run their entire process. Others may prefer to outsource pieces of their operation to a variety of different vendors and consultants. And still others opt to handle it all in-house. And for database marketing, the size of the company doesn't really matter when it comes to outsourcing decisions. Large corporations are just as likely to look outside for expertise as are smaller companies. Let's break down