AutoNation’s Scott Zientarski on Variable Data Printing
July 11, 2007

Variable data printing (VDP) can be a cost-effective way to speak to consumers based on their individual needs. Because graphics and text can be changed on the fly without slowing down the presses, VDP allows marketers to capatalize on information gleaned from database marketing activities to deliver a more personalized message. This week, TM Tipline caught up with Florida-based AutoNation’s Director of Database Marketing Scott Zientarski, who shares his experience implementing on-demand variable data printing, its advantages and challenges. Target Marketing: How did you decide to use variable data printing to customize mailings? Scott Zientarski: Our segmentations and data assets provide tremendous insights into

Direct Mail's Grand Revival
April 1, 2005

There's no doubt about it: Direct mail use continues to dominate. More companies add this channel to their media mix every year, and while search engine marketing investment might be growing faster than other media, it's only a fraction of the budget spent on direct mail campaigns. Certainly, this is because direct mail is more costly than search, but it's also due to the fact that the direct marketer's best prospects are baby boomers who are used to going to their mailboxes every day to see what might be waiting for them. They like their catalogs, magazine renewal efforts and offers for credit

Special Report Case Study Relevance Is Key at AutoNation
April 1, 2005

By Lisa Yorgey Lester "Relevance is the most important thing for a marketer to address," says Scott Zientarski, director of database marketing with AutoNation, an automotive retailer based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. According to Zientarski, advancements in printing technology have allowed AutoNation to capitalize on opportunities derived from its database marketing activities and to abandon its previous one-size-fits-all approach for more personalized communications. One of the most notable ways the auto retailer is creating customized communications for its customers is through its service program. AutoNation represents 285 dealership locations across 18 states. Its service program includes all customers who've purchased a vehicle from an