CRM?Newtonian Marketing (577 words)
January 1, 2001

Edited by Brendan Maher Don't forget what you learned in high-school physics, implores Jerry Shereshewsky, the direct marketer who lists among his claims to fame the creation of Mello Yellow for the Coca-Cola Co. and making online promotional marketing company Yoyodine attractive enough to catch the attention of Yahoo!, which bought it. Among the inimitable laws every marketer should remember, are those of Sir Isaac Newton the 18th century physicist, astronomer, alchemist and theologian who turned the world upside down because he saw an apple fall to the ground. At the DMA 83rd Conference & Exhibition this past fall, Shereshewsky explained how Newton, a

Conquering the E-Mail Test (1,116 words)
September 1, 2000

If you've taken your marketing effort online, chances are you did it within the last two years. In that time the only thing reliable about the e-mail market has been its potential for growth. The rules are changing. Some of the traditional direct marketing truisms apply, some don't, and the rest is a lot of trial-and-error. To cut down on the "error" part, consider some sage advice from Michelle Farabaugh, vice president, catalog, West Marine Products. She says you need to determine by what percentage you wish to grow your online marketing efforts, and at what cost. What is the lifetime

Is It Time to Test a Freemium? (815 words)
April 1, 1998

by Dick Goldsmith They shouldn't do this to me! My mother did it to me when I was little. I'm grown-up now. It shouldn't still be happening. And yet, they still make me feel guilty. Who? The direct marketers, that's who. I didn't ask for all those cards and labels, but I keep using them. So I have to keep sending them money. A freemium is a little something extra in a direct mail package. Its purpose, of course, is to lift response. It does this by involving the reader or giving the reader guilt. It gets its name from the fact that