Acxiom Corporation

Acxiom Lets Consumers See Data it Collects
September 6, 2013, a website introduced on Wednesday by a leading marketing technology firm called the Acxiom Corporation, is offering individual consumers a glimpse of some of the details the company has collected about them. shows some information that Acxiom, a marketing tech firm, collected about a 69-year-old woman. Visitors who log into the site may review many seemingly innocuous facts, such as whether someone in their household owns a dog or a cat, or is interested in jogging or biking.

Optimizing Media Mix—Yes, You Can!
July 11, 2012

With today’s world of instant access to infinite information, consumers—not brands—are in charge of how, when, where and if they want to engage with a brand. While there are more channels than ever to engage consumers, it also has never been harder to reach them. The average marketer struggles to keep up, or at least tries not to fall too far behind, now that consumers have assumed a leadership role in defining or influencing a brand’s success

Strategies for Leveraging Customer Insight Data
May 17, 2012

There's been a lot of speculation that a certain class of data is losing its luster. Data that describes individuals and/or segments — often referred to as demographic, third-party or offline data — is increasingly being written off as commoditized and not particularly valuable for marketers, particularly in online realms. These views, while somewhat understandable for those who have only lived and breathed in online worlds, sell short the predictive power of this data category.

6 Best Uses of Predictive Analytics for Cross-Sells and Upsells
February 8, 2012

Predictive analytics can help marketers upsell and cross-sell products to customers. But the key word in that sentence is “customers.” Different divisions handling different channels or various departments in charge of various products can cause problems for customers if companies decide to organize data based on those guidelines alone when creating predictive models.

Seven New Directors Join DMA Board
October 3, 2011

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Board of Directors today announced the election of new Board members for 2012-2013. The terms of office commenced at DMA’s Annual Business Meeting, which was held Sunday, Oct. 2 at the Fairmont Hotel in Boston, Mass.

Acxiom Corp. Names Scott Howe CEO and President
July 28, 2011

Marketing services company Acxiom Corp. named Scott Howe CEO and president on July 27, prior to its fiscal first quarter 2012 earnings call. The Little Rock, Ark.-based company reported a 6.9% year-over-year revenue increase to $288.9 million in the period. Howe previously served as corporate VP of Microsoft's advertising business groups and worked in various executive positions at interactive company aQuantive, which was acquired by Microsoft for $6 billion in 2007.

Acxiom Reports Strong Rating in Forrester's Evaluation of US Database Marketing Service Providers
January 18, 2011

Acxiom Corp., a Company focused in marketing services and technology, showed strong performance in Forrester Research Inc.'s recent evaluation of US database marketing service providers. Acxiom, which achieved the highest rating in the Market Presence category, had overall positive results with significant increases in 8 of the 10 capability categories evaluated. The company also improved in the two main evaluation categories, Current Offering and Strategy, including one of the top scores in Current Offering. The January 2011 report, "The Forrester Wave: US Database Marketing Services Providers Q1 2011," states that the company "demonstrated surprising nimbleness in modernizing its offering

The Data-Driven Approach to Creative Execution
May 26, 2010

When Neil Feinstein discusses relevancy and targeting with his marketing class at New York University, he makes sure to stress the difference between a campaign featuring name personalization and being personalized. Targeted, personal efforts, he explains, "require strategy and judgment calls paired with the ability of the creative [professional] to bring the idea to life."

5 Behavioral Targeting Rules: The Do's and Don'ts
July 8, 2009

Every marketer's dream is to know as much as possible about a consumer so it can improve its brand image and generate sales by sending exactly the right message to the right audience at the right time.