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What Google Hummingbird Really Means and What Marketers Can Do About It
February 6, 2014

In the digital marketing world, change is inevitable. At some point in life we're all forced to adapt, change paths, learn new skills or face something we definitely weren't expecting. As marketers with strong search marketing skills, adapting to change is something we do all the time. With Google's 665 algorithm updates in 2012 alone, we have to! Along with the changes in other aspects of professional life, we sometimes get hung up on distractions or efforts to make something more important or scary than it is. The problem is, those distractions can be costly. 

11 Must-Measure KPIs for Content Marketing Success
November 27, 2013

The search community has always been infatuated with content in one format or another, and the saying "content is king" isn't exactly new. However, the reality with content marketing that most people are starting to awaken to is that content has value beyond simple search engine optimization. Content marketing, when done correctly, has its own return on investment as a channel, and thus must be measured by a set of unique key performance indicators (KPIs). The issue has always been in identifying the value of the KPIs most people tend to use. 

Virtual Numbers Might Be the One Thing Missing From Your Marketing Strategy
November 18, 2013

When you hear the phrase "internet marketing," you likely consider a lineup of options that are supposed to draw more customers to your brand or product. Perhaps you think a well-rounded approach to gaining the attention of prospects is some combination of search engine optimization, social media, viral videos and Google AdWords. If so, you're skimming right over an approach that has one of the highest return on investments of them all — VoIP business phone service.

5 Myths (and Truths) About Big Data
September 16, 2013

"Big data" has become a catch-all term for the vast amount of information generated by our digital lifestyles, and the analytics techniques for dealing with it all to improve marketing, products and business intelligence. It's become very fashionable to decry the value of big data for marketing, with many pundits and consultants calling it "no big deal." I believe in big data, just like I believe in the power of all data to transform our lives. Just look at the powerful applications already emerging in healthcare, world hunger, global economics and sport competitiveness.

TagMan Claims Inaccuracies In Google's Analytics Platform
August 27, 2013

Tag management company TagMan has secured $5 million in funding from several big-name investors. However, material it sent to prospective clients claiming that Google Analytics makes a poor marketing attribution tool seems to have socially cannibalized the company's positive financial news on Twitter. The TagMan presentation sent to prospective clients points out that Google's strength in its Analytics platform resides in, well, analytics, rather than marketing attribution because the data only tells half the story. It claims the inaccuracies can boost search-attributed conversions by up to 200 percent.

Data Quality: The Achilles’ Heel of Big Data
February 21, 2013

Big data — large volumes of data from multiple sources — can be a powerful tool for many agencies ranging from marketing to customer service to fraud detection to politics. Almost every activity in modern society generates large volumes of data, more and more of which are captured and stored. The cost of data storage and data processing continues to drop and software tools necessary to use the data continue to evolve.

Why You Should Banish the Net Promoter Score Immediately
November 8, 2012

In my previous ClickZ column from 2009, "What's Wrong With the Net Promoter Score," I talked about the many things that were and still are problematic about the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Proponents argued back that it's been widely used for a long time. But that's like arguing that both science and the church believed the Earth was flat for a long time - that is, until they discovered that was completely and utterly wrong. In this column, I'll propose a few alternative metrics and techniques that marketers can use to truly tell if they'll be able to increase sales. 

Panda Update 3.92 Rolling Out (Or is it Panda 20 Time?)
September 20, 2012

Google's announced that another Panda Update is being unleashed on its results, one that it says will impact 0.7 percent of queries. We're calling it Panda 3.92, though we're wondering if it's time to declare Panda 4.0 upon us. Here's the official news from Google.

Obama Beats Romney Early in Digital Marketing Race
June 18, 2012

Advertising matters in politics. As much as we'd all like to believe that we vote based solely on our principles and a careful weighing of candidates' policy positions, media and marketing messages cast enormous influence on the defining narratives of an election and can ultimately tip an election one way or the other. The 2008 election helped usher in the era of digital marketing in presidential elections, with online advertising, online fundraising, and social media all helping to redefine the political landscape. These digital media vehicles will become even more important and loom even larger in influencing the 2012 campaign.