5 Tips to Improve Search Marketing Efforts
September 15, 2010

Search has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most effective forms of marketing online. Overall, visits to search engines were 11 percent of all Internet traffic in August 2010 and referrals from search engines represent 25 percent of traffic to websites, according to Experian Hitwise. So while there is plenty of opportunity to capture visitors through search, the challenge is how to maximize the benefits of this critical marketing channel.

Socialware Launches Social Media Policy Accelerator Kit
September 9, 2010

Company: Socialware, a provider of social media solutions

Product/Service: Social Media Policy Accelerator Kit, a social media policy checklist

What it Does: Provides firms with a road map for their social media policies specifically tailored to their communication and marketing goals and compliance risks.


Optimizing Email for Mobile Devices
September 8, 2010

Studies show that some Americans check their email accounts in the middle of the night and many remotely peruse their work accounts on Sunday evening; meaning that the next trend—that consumers are checking their email accounts on-the-go with mobile devices—isn't much of a shock.

4 Ways to Start Building an Integrated Marketing Strategy
September 8, 2010

We are in the middle of a massive shift from the use of traditional marketing to the use of integrated marketing: a combination of direct marketing, social media marketing, public relations and search marketing. Here are four steps you can take today to start building an integrated marketing strategy.

Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?
September 2, 2010

Imagine people sitting in a bar boozing at 8:00 a.m. It's OK. Most of these morning drinkers work the night shift and this is their cocktail hour. Could these be some of your customers?

How Video Marketing Helps David Harbour Sell Homes
September 1, 2010

Video marketing can bridge the gap between prospects and companies, says David Harbour, Realtor and founder of NOVA Green Team, a group of Northern Virginia-based eco-friendly real estate agents. In his latest plan to use video to sell homes, Harbour is creating individualized online video tours that pull up through the mobile Web after potential buyers snap a picture of a 2D barcode displayed at a property.

Go Multichannel Like Disney
September 1, 2010

OK, so your multichannel marketing includes direct mail and coordinating that with your e-mail efforts and your website. Great. But are you also integrating telemarketing? And very precisely coordinating all of these efforts?

8 Ways to Cut Copy
August 26, 2010

How many writers do you know who love doing round after round of copy changes? For 99.9 percent of us, it's a painful process. As a direct response writer who has worked on the agency side, client side, and now on my own as a freelance free agent, I've learned some tricks for keeping copy revisions to a minimum. You may want to give these a try.

Trend Spotting in 3 Chapters: What's New in Behavioral Targeting
August 25, 2010

Keeping track of trends in behavioral targeting is a study in contradictions. While businesses are wary of controversy, they're crowding into this space of tracking consumer behavior. And while consumers dread being tracked online, they resist barriers to "free" content. Here to clear up a few misconceptions and provide an update on the contested but increasingly popular practice are...

Marketers Drive Dashboards; They're Not Driven By Them
August 25, 2010

Marketing dashboards provide insights, not orders. But used exactly the wrong way, dashboards can drive micromanaging to a new plane of existence. Marketers should focus on using the data-capturing mechanisms to facilitate improved communications and clearer views of the big picture.