How to Guarantee Direct Response Success
September 1, 2009

Some years ago, I bought a pair of charcoal gray Monsanto socks. On the sticky label that holds the socks together was a little guarantee written in tiny type below the company name. It informed me that if, at the end of a year, my socks had worn out, I could return them, along with the receipt, for a brand new pair.

Strategy Session: Making Mail More Relevant
August 1, 2009

Back in 1992, I received a phone call from the late Walter Schmidt, who was interested in having me present at the Montreux Symposium in Switzerland. Montreux was not only one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, nestling on Lake Geneva and dwarfed by the magnificent Swiss Alps—it was also home to the world's leading direct marketing conference.

Moving With the Times
August 1, 2009

One of the greatest advantages of the printed newspaper is its portability factor-you can take your newspaper with you wherever you go. But what if you're out of town and want all the amenities of the physical paper, however the locale you're inhabiting at that moment doesn't carry your hometown paper? What then?

Big, Smart and Personal
August 1, 2009

The obstacles were many for Microsoft and its business intelligence (BI) products. Not only were there many fellow BI products in the IT marketplace, many of those competitors had been on the market for considerable time, and Microsoft's set of BI solutions was more expensive than most of them-and adding to this were concerns about its ease of use among a wide range of workers.

Goodwill Hunting
August 1, 2009

Ever heard of Goodwill? Most likely you have. The 107-year-old global network of community-based organizations trains disadvantaged people for careers in such fields as financial services, computer programming and health care. It provides job education and career services for people with disabilities, welfare recipients, and others who are trying to enter the workforce for the first time or looking to get better jobs. The organization says it places someone in a job every 53 seconds of every business day.

Part II: The Power of the Newsletter
August 1, 2009

In last month's edition of Inside Direct Mail, you read how a good promotional newsletter offers valuable, worthwhile information to its readers. This month you'll read pointers on choosing stories that interest those readers along with tips for writing headlines.

Consumer Reports Shows What It's Got
July 1, 2009

In this era of personalized messaging, direct marketing can become a dicey proposition for organizations that target a vast array of consumers. However, Consumer Reports, the consumer products education and empowerment magazine for consumer advocate nonprofit Consumers Union, uses its popular brand as an independent expert on all products to its advantage in reaching its wide-ranging audience.

Part I: The Power of the Newsletter
July 1, 2009

When you think of direct marketing promotions, a newsletter probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. A lot of words (and money) are spent on brand, but few companies put out newsletters today.