Mailbag Review: Involvement Devices Help Fundraisers Succeed
July 15, 2010

Words, whether on a piece of paper or computer screen, can be powerful enough on their own to move people to donate money to a cause. But as a few mailings from May demonstrate, an involvement device often gives direct mail an added advantage over electronic means of giving.

Fake Offers Make Consumers Want the Real Thing
July 12, 2010

An international magazine offered three subscription options. Option A: For a modest price, you could have the online edition. Option B: For about twice as much, you could have the printed edition instead. Option C: For the same price as the printed edition alone, you could have both the printed and online edition. If you think that no fool would choose Option B, you will be pleased to know that no fool is likely to. Yet to accuse Option B of pulling zero response would be inaccurate.

This Is About "You"
July 8, 2010

There is a huge difference between the writing styles of advertising agency copywriters and direct response copywriters. "Image" agency writers are long on style and attitude. Direct response copywriters rely on benefits, facts and powerful emotions (fear, greed and the like).

InterACT! Conference Launches “Build-a-Buzz” Giveaway
July 8, 2010

(Weymouth, MA & Philadelphia - July 6, 2010) The InterACT! Conference, an educational forum for marketers, brand owners and service providers on cross-media direct marketing opportunities and strategies, has launched "Build-a-Buzz" Giveaway - a social networking contest for marketers (or anyone) who wants to win one of four cool prizes: an Apple iPad, HP Netbook, Amazon Kindle or American Express gift card.

Rare Political Mail: 48 Pages Without An Ask
July 1, 2010

If you're running for governor of the most populous state in the Union, you're going to need to start by raising a lot of money from the core of your party's membership. Unless you're Meg Whitman, that is. The Republican nominee for California's highest office made a big splash in April by mailing a 48-page "Policy Agenda" that is less a partisan call to arms than an optimistic vision aimed squarely at the entire electorate.

13 Multichannel Marketing Tactics (of 35) to Improve E-Marketing Profitability Tomorrow
July 1, 2010

In "The Bucket List: Technology's Impact on Catalog Marketing — 35 Strategies That Will Improve Company Profitability Tomorrow," Kevin Hillstrom focused on what he calls "multichannel forensics," analyzing customer interactions as they buy from various channels and various brands. "Five years from now," Hillstrom said, "our customers are going to be very different ... I want to be able to test different strategies today so I can have my business prepared for 2015."

If All Politics Is Local, Is All Marketing, Too?
June 30, 2010

An entrepreneur who helped local radio stations go online to snag advertising revenue is back with another venture, this time for local cable systems as well. Eric Straus, who founded, is starting The company will operate in local markets around the country, helping radio stations and cable systems to provide discount coupons to consumers through text and e-mail messages.

Copywriting From the Recipient's Vantage Point
June 24, 2010

The best way to make your direct mail marketing more effective and discover trends is to analyze the pieces that are sent to you each day. You'll likely be amazed how much things can be improved.

The 4 Laws of Great Copy
June 10, 2010

On Tuesday, I hosted the DirectMarketingIQ webinar, Words that Get Opens — for Envelopes and Emails, sponsored by Silverpop. Featuring the magnetic and renowned copywriter Herschell Gordon Lewis, it was a high-paced, information-filled hour that any copywriter would benefit from. It's still available for the next days via this link.