Search Engine Marketing

The Analytics Hiring Imperative
April 12, 2006

Stylman adds that even better is for marketers to set up their online analytics in a way that they can compare results in this channel to those achieved by their offline channels, enabling a 360-degree view of marketing ROI.While some marketers already might have this on-staff expertise, to a degree, they likely have not trained these analysts how to interpret the online channel, says Lisa Wehr, found and CEO of SEM firm Oneupweb.

Tech Fever
March 6, 2006

Having spent the past few months delving into relatively new technologies such as pay-per-call, mobile search, RSS, podcasts and more, I’ve found it’s a tech jungle out there. New applications are springing up all over the globe, with some of the most exciting—and certainly the most talked about—solutions related to new media opportunities. These technological developments are rooted in marketers’ increasing displeasure with the performance of traditional media, causing them to look for different avenues by which to reach and influence a populace that continues to resist mass-media push advertising methods. But amidst the hype of these promising new tools is a bigger, more important

The Many Paths of Direct Marketing
March 1, 2006

To remain relevant to customers and boost the bottom line, today’s direct marketing campaigns must move across the borders of direct marketing media nimbly and fluidly. More importantly, marketing channels need to work in unison so that prospects and customers receive not only a consistent message, but one that builds a case for your products and brand. Does your direct mail creative prominently feature a Web site address where customers can find out more about your product and the particular offer being pitched? Do your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts coordinate with your print ad copy? There are many ways to integrate offline and

Talking Tech
March 1, 2006

It’s one thing to size up how fast a new technology might be adopted based on customer market size, user interest surveys and other progress measurement tools. To provide an additional layer of perspective, Target Marketing caught up with JoAnne Kim, director of e-Marketing services at e-Scholastic, the e-commerce and online communication arm of children’s publishing company Scholastic. She provided insight on which tech developments are powering her company’s online endeavors, as well as those emerging solutions that are on e-Scholastic’s radar going forward. Target Marketing: How do you stay abreast of the latest technologies? JoAnne Kim: We find out about the latest technologies in multiple

Bid Fight
February 1, 2006

Paid search advertising has been with us for nearly eight years now, since pioneered the concept in 1998. Growth was rapid, as Overture and Google fought for paid search supremacy. Google alone boasts about 400,000 advertiser accounts worldwide and exceeded $5 billion in revenues in 2005, 97 percent of that from advertising. Judging by my clients’ accounts, Overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing) generates about half the spend and click volume of a typical Google AdWords campaign. The typical layout on sites such as Google Search places small text ads in the right-hand margin next to search results on a given user query, as

January 1, 2006

Craft Savvy Copy Web copy tailored to the needs of search engine marketing can help boost conversion rates and ROI, says Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO and president of Washington state-based search marketing solutions provider SuccessWorks Inc. In her presentation, "Write Your Way to Search Engine Success," at this year's DMA•05 conference in Atlanta, Lloyd-Martin spelled out key tips to keep in mind when optimizing copy for search engines. When it comes to making better key-phrase choices, research is paramount, says Lloyd-Martin. It's essential to: 1. Identify key phrases that pros-pects actually type into a search box to find products or services your company

E-commerce Link: Make Your SEM Click
September 1, 2004

Six tactics to improve your pay-per-click search engine marketing program It is no secret that search engine marketing (SEM) can be an effective online marketing tool. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy practice to master. Here are six proven tactics to help you increase your ROI from pay-per-click search engine marketing. Choose Your Weapon Before you begin, you must decide on a plan of attack. Determine which keyword selection strategy will help you hit your SEM goals: • the shotgun, • the laser or • a hybrid? Practitioners of the shotgun approach start their SEM campaign with a wide variety of keywords

Optimize Search Results Now
February 1, 2004

Make your Web site click with algorithm search engines … and customers. You may be under the impression that getting your Web site ranked on “spidering” or algorithm search engines such as Google involves the dark arts, or at least a secret handshake. If so, you can’t be blamed. Some search-engine optimization (SEO) companies make it sound as if high rankings are more hocus-pocus than strategy—that the algorithms (part computer program/part math equation) that determine page rankings are designed to estimate something other than how relevant a site will be to an Internet searcher. While there are a number of complicated and technical aspects