Search Engine Marketing

Experienced client side and agency search marketers know that today's...
January 25, 2008

"Experienced client side and agency search marketers know that today's SMB and enterprise SEO projects involve much more than single event 'SEO triage' and link building. A quick look at the topics on the top search marketing forums, newsletters, conferences, blogs and even print magazines shows an increasing variety of strategies ranging from marketing with social media to SEO and usability to leveraging user generated content. As companies look for the right online marketing resources to help navigate the ever changing and increasingly complex world of search marketing, what variables, channels and outcomes should be considered?"

Blogging is a great tool for organic or natural search...
January 25, 2008

"Blogging is a great tool for organic or natural search. It's getting so big companies can outspend small business in keyword advertising, but search engine optimization is still completely democratic to business and organizations of all sizes. Search engines love blogs."

Secrets of the Search Engines
January 16, 2008

To fully take advantage of search engine marketing, it is useful to know the segmentation potentials of each major search engine. These six tips will help you target high-value customer segments through SEM. Split the landing pages: Search engine optimization pages need to be legible by search engines, while the best-performing pay-per-click pages may use Flash animation or an image with very little copy. Research: Use your inbound organic keywords as a starting point for PPC efforts. Generate content: If a PPC keyword brings high-quality traffic, consider building a portion of your site dedicated to that keyword for organic traffic. Implement microsites: They are

Competitive on a Budget
January 1, 2008

Small marketing budgets don’t necessarily mean small ideas when it comes to search marketing. In fact, it’s the innovative and creative efforts that most often empower companies with the ability to learn and adapt. Over the past few years the practice of using search engines to market Web sites has progressed from a focus on optimizing text content and acquiring links to the optimization of a variety of searchable digital assets, including: images, audio and video, as well as content delivery formats like RSS and mobile search. As search engines evolve with features such as personalized, social and unified search, so must marketers—especially those

Ad Tracking in the Mobile World
January 1, 2008

Ad Tracking in the Mobile World Seattle–based M:Metrics, a mobile media provider, recently unveiled a competitive tracking service for mobile ads called M:AdTracker. The monthly syndicated data service continuously monitors clickable display advertising from a broad representative set of mobile Web destinations and then classifies the data by industry/sector, company, division and product/service to reveal leading advertisers in and across market segments. Marketers can gather insights on competitors’ seasonal tactics and other campaign rotation activity via weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tracking. Web:

A New Balance
December 1, 2007

Direct marketers are becoming more proficient in vital Web strategies like search, yet they increasingly find themselves butting heads with their own affiliates who already have staked out valuable digital turf. Is it worth playing nice with affiliates? If so, how can marketers maintain healthy doses of affiliate-generated sales while maximizing incremental revenue and avoiding cannibalization of search campaigns? Such questions demand answers. The competitive search environment is leading many marketers to prefer Web affiliates that send incremental visitors—those resulting in sales or leads that otherwise may not occur as a result of marketers’ own efforts. Armed with affordable, easy-to-use Web marketing analytics packages,

SendTec Launches Highly Advanced Tracking Tool Available for SEM
November 30, 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (11-2007) New Action Cycle Tracking Follows Consumer Purchase Cycle from First Inquiry St. Petersburg, Fla.—November 2, 2007—SendTec (OTCBB: SNDN), a pioneering Search-Centricsm multichannel marketing agency, today announces the beta version of their new Action Cycle Tracking (ACT) tool, an added feature to their SearchFactz™ 3.0 SEM management system. This proprietary technology is the first of its kind to take a “first in, last out” approach to measuring keyword search dynamics, offering marketers both a more comprehensive way of quantifying the effectiveness of search-based advertising campaigns and a better understanding of consumer behavior from the initial search action through the final purchase. The stages of

Three Tips for Getting Started in Search Marketing
November 28, 2007

You can build a case for search marketing in your business and achieve measurable results. To learn how to shape the business case for search marketing, start with these three tips: Watch for trends. Best practices have continued to evolve along with search technology, so it is important to constantly monitor the industry to avoid using discredited tactics. Master sitemaps. Use the new .xml-based sitemaps protocol to improve your indexing by search engine. Learn to use sitemaps strategically; they are not a magic bullet unless you know how to load the gun. Reach out to robots. When moving a new site from the development

Three Tips to Boost Your SEO Results
November 14, 2007

Persuasive SEO copywriting satisfies two masters—the search engines and prospects. Here are some ideas that work for both. * It’s alright to revise your company’s Web pages gradually. To decide what pages to work with first, consider any upcoming sales or promotions you want to promote, product or service pages that aren’t currently positioning, and any pages that may be important to your brand. * Content opportunities are everywhere. By simply adding customer-centered or generated content, such as articles, FAQs and blogs, your company can overcome objections, provide information your prospects want to know and enjoy additional opportunities for search engine positioning. These are

Best Practices in Measuring the Effectiveness of Non-E-commerce Paid Search Programs
October 25, 2007

Paid search programs are moving beyond their traditional niche as a sales channel for e-commerce companies and retailers. Organizations ranging from component manufacturers to CPGs (consumer packaged goods companies) are starting to embrace search as a powerful way to raise brand awareness, create direct relationships with customers and generate leads for sales, particularly in business-to-business selling models.