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What Ever Happened to My Mail Carrier?
February 6, 2014

Growing up in Chicago in the 1960s, we knew our mail carrier by name. As properly raised children, we called him “Mr. Ed.” During our summer vacation from school, he often let my sister and me push the mail cart down the street for him. And when we went on vacation, Ed gave our mail to John, who was my grandparent’s mail carrier, and held it for us until we returned home. Fast-forward 15 or so years and I was working in my first “real” job, managing a direct-mail program for a nonprofit

How to Design a Marketing Survey That Yields Legitimate Results
February 7, 2013

If you want to know what someone really thinks of something, sometimes the best way to find out is simply to ask them. In marketing circles, this usually translates to surveying our customers or prospects to determine what’s going on in the real world. We use marketing surveys for a number of reasons, from identifying overall customer satisfaction scores, to deciding how to position new products, to conducting new research to support thought leadership content, as is the case with HubSpot's new "2013 Inbound Marketing Survey," which we launched last Friday. But crafting an effective marketing survey is a little

3 Tips for Sweepstakes Marketing on Facebook and Other Social Networks
September 26, 2012

Come on, admit it ... you check your Facebook account at work at least once a day. Well if you're a direct marketer, I say, "Keep up the good work." Increasingly marketing, and direct marketing in particular, is being conducted through social media. It is an extremely low cost medium, a stellar lead generation device and a no-brainer research tool. What's more, the viral buzz is practically free. Sweepstakes and contests are an important part of some brands' social strategies.

Direct Mail Response Rates 'Dipping' says DMA Report
June 15, 2012

… In another first for this edition, DMA compares direct mail response rates over time. The time series reveals that direct mail response rates have dropped nearly 25 percent over the past nine years. Even so, mail campaigns draw a better overall response than digital channels. For instance, response rates for direct mail to an existing customer average 3.40 percent, compared with 0.12 percent for email, which is roughly a 30-fold difference. Costs are also higher, which translates to roughly equivalent costs-per-sale/lead for direct mail, email and paid search.

6 Steps to Keep Cut-rate Competitors From Stealing Your Customers
March 6, 2012

In this article we are going to take a closer look at an all-too common problem: what you can do to close an existing customer when your competition keeps lowering their price. All sales reps face competition. And nothing is more frustrating than having your competition offer to sell to your existing client base at dramatically reduced prices.

Full Sweep
November 1, 2011

To the casual observer, Publishers Clearing House (PCH) appears to have luck on its side. The nearly 60-year-old company that got its start selling magazine subscriptions has weathered stringent sweepstakes legislation and the accompanying publicity stirred up by Congress; the shrinking of its original customer base; and the not insignificant challenge of duplicating its offline dominance in the online sphere.

Direct Mail Back to Basics: 7 Tips to Boost Response in Today's Crazy Economy
March 9, 2011

If you rely on direct mail to bring in business, you've probably had a bumpy ride the last couple of years. Just as customers are more prone to avoid risk in these uncertain times, you should try to avoid unnecessary risk in your marketing efforts. This is the perfect time to remind yourself of a few basic principles that drive direct mail marketing.

3 Tactics to Update the Offer
January 12, 2011

Chances are, if you're doing direct marketing, you already have a good offer. But it may not be working as well as it used to, or you simply may want to try something new.