Quantumdigital Achieves Forest Stewardship Certification
April 1, 2008

Forest Stewardship Council Recognizes QuantumDigital’s Dedication to the Conservation of Environmental Resources AUSTIN, TX — April 1, 2008 — QuantumDigital, the only complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions, has achieved certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on behalf of the company’s focused environmental efforts in 2007. FSC is recognized by the corporate and governmental sectors and the Non-Governmental Organization community as the model to ensure that forest resources are maintained for today and for future generations. In 2007 QuantumDigital recycled 80 tons of paper, saving over 1,300 pulp producing trees, half a million gallons of water

The Green Production Process
April 1, 2008

Felt-covered amphibians and marketing managers agree: It’s not easy being green. But that doesn’t stop Kermit or your friendly neighborhood production company from trying. “Green” is more than today’s favorite buzzword. Marketing managers should put an ear to the ground for the environmentally sound practices of the companies with which they do business. In doing so, they can save money, exhibit stewardship, reduce their carbon footprints and even improve ROI. Find Where the Green Savings Grow For many years, paper has been easy to recycle, so all direct marketing production companies make it part of their plant processes. But direct marketing managers need to

QuantumDigital’s Online Direct Marketing Technology Enhances Long & Foster’s Direct Mail Process
April 1, 2008

Largest privately owned real estate company in U.S. chooses web-to-print online portal to improve accuracy, convenience and turnaround time for agent-generated mailers AUSTIN, TX — April 1, 2008 — QuantumDigital, the complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions, today announced an expanded relationship with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. (L&F) – the nation’s largest privately-owned real estate company. L&F will be moving direct mail and print marketing collateral from an inside direct fulfillment facility to QuantumDigital’s web-to-print online portal for processing, production and mailing. The decision was made by Long & Foster after 16 years of producing

Five Choices to Make for Paper in Direct Mail
February 20, 2008

The production manager (or perhaps creative director) of a direct mail package usually chooses the paper. Historically, it’s never been an easy decision. It hinges on weighing (with postal rates, I mean that literally) quality against cost, including the selection of paper stock/weight, grade, coated or uncoated, and so on. Recently, that decision just got harder, with the now viable option of using more environment-friendly paper (groundwood/high-yield/nonvirgin-offset sheets, more post-consumer recycled content and environmentally certified) in all components of a mail piece. Unless you’ve already done so, here are five choices you may consider adopting. 1. Go High-End (but not Necessarily High-Cost) with the

Five Tips for Mailing to Seniors
February 6, 2008

Smart marketers will say there’s already a big mistake in this article. Want a hint? It’s in the headline, and it’s the first tip for reaching older prospects via direct mail. 1. Avoid name-calling. That’s right, the first thing to remember when marketing to seniors is don’t call them seniors. Focus on your product or offer and how it is designed to meet prospects’ needs and values without pinpointing their life stage. 2. Older prospects equal better open rates. While people who are 55-plus are sometimes viewed as one segment, it may be helpful to consider that direct mail is most effective in targeting

Foundation for Automation
February 1, 2008

Mainstream direct marketing finally has discovered full-color, variable digital print. The volume of full-color digital print continues to jump and has become the fastest-growing direct marketing medium. The reason for its growth is no secret to firms that are driven by results. Variable targeted content increases response rates and gives marketers tremendous flexibility in changing messaging and creative to match the marketing opportunity.

Four Automated Print Dos and Don’ts
January 29, 2008

As companies look to automated marketing tools to improve their speed to market with relevant communications, they will want to be careful not to equate “automated” with “unsupervised.” To effectively leverage the benefits of automated print workflow, marketers need to take heed of the following dos and don’ts presented by Jim Liszewski, president and COO of Dallas-based digital print provider WMSG Inc., at last December’s NCDM conference in Las Vegas. DO … Anticipate future program data requirements. When in doubt, add the data field. DON’T … Change data characteristics when submitting files to your print partner during the duration of the program. These include file type,

QuantumDirect Changes Name to QuantumDigital and Announces New Digital Marketing Solutions
December 6, 2007

New Name Reflects 20-Year Austin Company’s Focus on Providing Advanced Technology Tools in Direct Marketing AUSTIN, Texas, December 6, 2007 — QuantumDigital, the only complete online service provider for direct mail, on-demand digital printing and eMarketing solutions, announced today that it has changed its name to reflect its new digital direct marketing offerings. QuantumDigital has also announced a new eMarketing service to provide corporate and small business customers with enhanced tools to build successful integrated campaigns. “QuantumDigital has provided its customers the most technologically advanced direct marketing services for more than 20 years, the new services and new name will allow us to bring our

Smile—and Flash Your pURLy Sites
October 1, 2007

Direct marketers have worked for decades to personalize their contacts with customers. Back in the 1940s, for example, after a human typed “Dear Eric” on the first line of a sheet of paper, the remainder of the sales pitch would be typed automatically by a player piano roll that was hooked up to a typewriter. By the 1970s, people saw their names on contest letters from Reader’s Digest and thought they might be winners. With new technology comes new ways to personalize pitches, and the personalized URL—or pURL—is a new tool that will bring great benefits to marketers who know how to use it correctly.

Reduce Direct Mail Paper Waste
September 26, 2007

Sustainability is on the minds of marketing, procurement and production managers as concerns about climate change continue to grow. Many companies are introducing mandates to reduce, reuse and recycle materials in every facet of their operation—including paper-based direct mail programs. The following suggestions will help ensure your next campaign wastes as little paper as possible: Communicate with your partners. Many of the best ways to reduce paper waste in direct mail production have little to do with paper itself. Reducing paper waste begins with effective design. Be sure your design and production staffs are working closely with your printer to facilitate optimum imposition of