Red Hot Marketing Tip: The Colorful Greeting Card Gets Attention for Proactiv
June 8, 2011

The colorful greeting card. It gets anybody's attention. This one from Proactiv, a cosmetic merchant, went to a young, former customer. The format, offer inside and calls to action make it a standout mailing.DirectMarketingIQ's Chief Content Officer Ethan Boldt takes you through the package.

An Intercepted Letter to ... Google
February 24, 2011

Dear Google: I'm writing because I'm still concerned about the mailings you've been sending me. I'm worried they are sullying your reputation as being smart and savvy. The direct mail you've been sending me the last year misses the mark. It's embarrassingly unprofessional and appears you don't know what you're doing. I'm guessing it's also ineffective.

3 Tests to Update the Mailbox
January 20, 2011

What have you done for your prospects lately? Using gifts to light the spark of interest in a mail piece is one of the oldest practices in the direct mail world, but this approach may need a little updating in your next planned campaign to get the results you're looking for. Here's three tests worth doing before pushing out the next campaign.

Retail Direct Mail and Email Trends in 2010, and 2011
January 6, 2011

While 2009 was a year to forget for most retailers, fortunately 2010 was a different story for direct mailers and e-marketers from the beginning of the year to the very end. For example, in 2009, holiday sales were stagnant at best. But the 2010 holiday season included much more shopping than anticipated. In fact, according to the recent report …

Energy Suppliers Competing in the Mailstream
October 28, 2010

Do you ever think about where your electricity comes from? You flick a switch, and voilà, let there be light. But many consumers now have to ponder that question, thanks to some mailings sent out recently by energy suppliers. They're all taking advantage of the maturing of a competitive marketplace in several states, with more of an appeal to one's wallet than anything else.

A Premium (and Freemium) Arms Race
October 14, 2010

When you look at the incentives non-profits have been offering over the years in their direct mail appeals, it always seems the same: a hat, an umbrella, a sheet of address labels. But look away, then look back, and you'll see this perception is no longer entirely accurate.

Personalized URL Case Study: KCSM-FM
July 29, 2010

Home of the third largest jazz collection in the world, the public radio station KCSM-FM was in dire shape a few years ago. It was deep in the red and averaging only $40 gifts per donor.

Grand Control of the Month: Omaha Steak Sizzles
July 8, 2010

Omaha Steaks is one of the most adept direct marketers around and has another winner on its barbecue sauce-stained hands — this time with an offer driving traffic towards its retail stores. In the mail since at least February 2006, it's Omaha's 16th mailing to reach Grand Control status (in the mail for 3 or more years).

Grand Control of the Month: Easter Seals
April 8, 2010

The 2010 Drive, the latest mailing by Easter Seals to reach Grand Control status (mailed for three years or more) has a lot more going for it than mere longevity. In the mail since at least January 2007, this campaign, at first glance, resembles a previous "free gifts" effort that was mailed from 2000 to 2005.

Top Mailing: Zagat Now Wines as Well as Dines
January 21, 2010

You probably know Zagat as the leading source for restaurant critiques, but what you may not know is that Zagat actually has its roots in wine. Some 30 years ago, the Zagat Survey was born out of a wine-tasting group, and to mark its 30-year anniversary, Zagat recently launched a wine group — Zagat Wine.