First Up: The New Freemiums
August 28, 2008

Free gifts remain an effective strategy for winning direct mail customers and prospects. Despite shape-based postal requirements, mailers continue to send both lumpy and flat freemiums along with their appeals, especially in the publications and nonprofit sectors. The highlighted freemium mailers below, collected from the Who’s Mailing What! Archive, all use the word “Free” on the outer envelope (one mailing did so five times!) to drive readers inside. Handy How-to Guides San Francisco–based Yoga Journal mailed its January 2008 effort in a four-color #10 outer, with a yogi striking a pose and the copy, “FREE INSIDE, TWO FREE GIFTS and a FREE ISSUE

Reply Devices That Really Deliver
August 1, 2006

Reply form. Order card. Action device. Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that little—or sometimes big—slip of paper carries a lot of weight. As Carol Worthington-Levy, partner, creative services, at consulting firm LENSER, asserts, “People will head right for the reply form first, and then they head for the letter. … There is a mind set and a cultural training that has us looking for the one piece in a mailing where it says what [we] need to do to learn more or get this product or service.” Case in point is the voucher format that has been dominating the publishing