14 Tips for Producing Postcards with Pizzazz
April 28, 2011

While postcards are faster, easier and less costly to produce than other mail formats, they can be very expensive if they don't produce results. Here are 14 tips for making sure yours stand out and generate response, whether it's a click, call or store visit.

8 Key Takeaways for Personalized URLs
April 7, 2011

The most effective current demonstration of the offline-online marriage? Personalized URL (PURL) campaigns. Why? First, because direct mail remains very visible, and it's a part of the daily life of most Americans. Unlike other marketing avenues, such as billboards, TV commercials, radio spots and emails — which are all competing for prospects' attention and loyalty — direct mail is the only channel that physically gets into people's hands in their homes.

3 Best Practices for Personalized URLs
March 17, 2011

The landing page is the page the user sees after clicking (email), typing (from direct mail piece) or scanning (QR Code, with mobile phone) the Personalized URL. Marketer Jason Ellis stated that more than 80 percent of people leave the page after a quick glance. Most common reason people leave? LACK OF RELEVANCY!! Here are a few best practices that will make the PURL work.

Creating Our First Batch of Case Studies
November 20, 2010

If there's one subject that all direct mailers agree on, it's that data needs to be better leveraged in the near future for their campaigns to succeed. In compiling our report "Variable Data Printing: 6 Case Studies," we took pains to find campaigns that used data in inventive and ultimately successful ways.

Picking the Brain: Kathy Calta, CMO of Vertis
August 12, 2010

With the direct mail landscape changing fast, with new technologies playing bigger roles and the shifting dynamic of choosy prospects, I thought it was a good time to pick the brain of a veteran direct marketer: Kathy Calta, who in 2009 was named Chief Marketing Officer at Vertis Communications, a provider of targeted advertising and marketing solutions to leading retail and consumer services companies.

Personalized URL Case Study: KCSM-FM
July 29, 2010

Home of the third largest jazz collection in the world, the public radio station KCSM-FM was in dire shape a few years ago. It was deep in the red and averaging only $40 gifts per donor.

VDP Disasters and How To Avoid Them
May 6, 2010

Variable data projects are more expensive than traditional direct mail, so ignoring the basics can cost you. Disasters can be avoided if you keep your eye on three components that you're already familiar with in effective direct mail: data, testing and ROI.

Women Want a Personalized World
May 3, 2010

There’s an interesting consensus as society settles into understanding what a personalized experience means.  It means we’re creating a “world” (i.e. consumer experience) that’s tailored to you. In the online ad space, one marketing agency, Q Interactive, conducted a study regarding online ads that were served up based on behavioral data:

Personalized URLs Getting More Play
April 22, 2010

Direct mail is very visible, and it's a part of the daily life of most Americans. For those two reasons alone, companies have traditionally relied on direct mail to get out their marketing messages. Other advertising avenues, such as billboards, TV commercials, radio spots and emails, also compete for prospects' attention and loyalty, but only direct mail physically gets into people's hands in their own homes.

Personalized URL Case Study: Virginia Tech
April 15, 2010

This case study demonstrates more detail on how an alumni foundation used data in its files to drive the creative in its VDP campaigns. As it shows, data segments are "in there." When marketers think creatively about how to talk to each segment in the database, this communication gets more personal, and from there, marketers can expect better returns.