16 Interactive Marketing Trends
January 6, 2010

According to Shar VanBoskirk, vice president and analyst at research company Forrester Research, in her US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2009 to 2014 whitepaper, marketing dollars will shift from traditional media to interactive marketing.

6 Tips to Better Manage Your Mobile Database
January 6, 2010

Despite the proven benefits, building, managing and optimizing mobile marketing databases can be an intimidating task. Those who take the plunge successfully give their customers the freedom and control to pick when and how they want to interact, resulting in measurable increases in brand loyalty and engagement. Here are six steps to help you optimize your mobile marketing database.

6 Tips for Getting Mobile Marketing Right
December 16, 2009

With mobile devices close to hitting the saturation point for the U.S. population and having become an essential tool in most users' daily lives, the siren call of mobile marketing has become a powerful tug on CMOs' agendas and budgets.

3 Ways to Segment Mobile Customers
November 11, 2009

With 90 percent of Americans using cell phones, many marketers may not be surprised that studies are emerging showing that mobile customers convert at significantly higher rates than online consumers—even when viewing the same offer. The device that's often with them all day is a perfect one-on-one marketing opportunity. Now all marketers have to do is figure out exactly who's holding the phone.

Adventures in Mobile Marketing
November 1, 2009

While the industry buzzed and buzzed this year about social media (often using social media to do so!), another marketing discipline was steadily convincing a growing group of marketers to divert funds from offline channels. And while it likely will take another year or two to mature into a major player on the marketing front, mobile marketing has been putting up some convincing numbers.

6 Best Practices in Mobile Marketing
October 14, 2009

With mobile phone penetration at 90 percent in the U.S., according to CTIA, and about half of this wireless phone-carrying audience actively using SMS messaging, mobile marketing is on the cusp of rapid adoption.

The Power of Advergaming
September 23, 2009

Advergaming has been around for years, but it’s never been more popular than right now—and for good reason. More and more, consumers congregate online for shopping, research and entertainment purposes. While tactics such as banner ads provide an opportunity to target online, they fail to engage consumers the way advergames can.

Publishers Clearing House's Dennis Vukelic on Mobile Marketing
September 9, 2009

The only hard part of Publishers Clearing House's mobile marketing plan is going to be getting that huge check to fit in those tiny cell phones. In June, PCH launched two iPhone applications—PCH Trivia and PCH Slots—to begin its push into the mobile marketing arena. Historically a direct marketing giant, PCH expects a lot from this marketing channel that fits in the palm of a hand.