Crack the Email Prospecting Code
August 28, 2013

Email marketing has become a vital tool for direct marketers. But if you want to expand your email reach by renting and emailing a permission-based email list, you need to understand the complete measurement process to maximize profitability. If you don't thoughtfully run the numbers, especially when renting a list of unproven email addresses, your dream of profits can be quickly dashed.

Email List Hygiene Challenges Marketers
August 21, 2013

While delivering an email seems like a simple task, all marketers know that nothing is ever as easy as it looks. We like to think that our subscribers are eagerly awaiting our messages with bated breath … Alas, this is not the case. Not only do a fair number delete the email upon arrival, a large number of subscribers may not even receive our messages. On average, 2 percent of contact data goes bad each month. That means a quarter of your email list will go bad over the course of a year

How to Select Profitable Outside Lists
August 7, 2013

The most important factor in determining the success of a direct marketing campaign is the list (who you mail, email, call or a combination of the three). Lists account for approximately 50 percent of the success of a direct marketing campaign. With so much riding on list performance and over 60,000 postal, email and telephone mailing lists from more than 1,400 vendors to choose from, it is crucial to spend the time to select, and rent the lists with the best potential ROI. The first step is to decide who you want to mail or email

Warner Music Rocks Fans Directly at SXSW
August 1, 2013

RFID-chipped wristbands for concertgoers. A Facebook RSVP form for SXSW and "couch-by-couch-west" music fans. WiFi-enabled cameras. Bluetooth picture transfers—from cameras to iPads to photo subjects' social networks. It's as if Warner Music Group (WMG) sang, "If there's a future, we want it/Now," instead of Paramore rock band lead vocalist Hayley Williams.

Direct Mail: 5 Ways to Save More
July 16, 2013

A perfectly executed direct mailing campaign can do wonders for growing a business’s popularity. Even though electronic marketing has skyrocketed in recent years, studies show that 65 percent of adults in the Millennial generation prefer to read something on paper ("USPS Household Diary Study"). If your mailing list is big and your mail is complex, direct mail campaigns can get expensive quickly. However, there are still plenty of ways to keep your direct mail fresh without breaking the bank. Here are five

How to Prepare for Yahoo’s Release of Inactive Email Accounts
July 11, 2013

In an effort to breathe life into Yahoo's products, the company announced it would be releasing inactive email accounts unless the current owner logs in again before July 15. After that, the identifications will be available to anyone, and will be ready to use by mid-August. Yahoo is not releasing how many emails will be up for grabs, but the number will have a great impact on anyone managing email lists.

Hotlists: New and Updated Files on the Market
June 27, 2013

This week, Hotlists has identified A Moving Experience - Self Reported Magazine Subscriber Changes of Address from Avrick Direct, - Members from Leon Henry, and Reliable Office Supplies from MeritDirect as the lists marketers should test.

My 9 Insider Tips to Build Your Email List For Low or No Cost!
June 3, 2013

Whether you're an entrepreneur, corporation or online publisher, the power of the lead is critical in growing your business … and your email list. Leads, also known as prospects, are typically the entry level point of the sales funnel. 

2 Ways to Use Competitive Intelligence on Email Subscriber Lists
May 29, 2013

If you’re like most email marketers, the size of your email list is an important metric to measure. The problem is that there’s no perfect size for an email list. It varies based on industry, audience and business. However, most marketers can, and do, measure the monthly rate of growth using their own numbers as a benchmark. If you’re currently doing this, I’ll show you two new ways to measure the growth of your list using data from third-party competitive intelligence tools—so you can be not only best in class, but also be better than your competitors

A Novel Approach to Direct Mail: Lifestyle-based Analytics
May 22, 2013

Despite the fact that our world is becoming more and more digital, direct mail can still be an effective tool for healthcare marketing campaigns. It can be highly informative, easy to track, and often an optimal way to reach older populations who don’t use computers, smartphones and tablets as much as younger generations. Still, a direct mail campaign is only as good as its list, and finding an effective list is a key challenge for any campaign. When it comes to healthcare, many people do not opt-in to receive information about their diseases