Lead Nurturing

Social Dollars & Cents
June 1, 2011

Is Twitter just a new way to get customers' attention, funnel discounts to them and douse customer service fires? Or is it a better way to generate leads? Avaya and Jones Lang LaSalle have the answer.

Trigger Leads and Sales
April 1, 2011

Most marketers have a regular email program in place. I want to focus on what relevant emails mean to B-to-B and B-to-C marketers. The applications are very different: B-to-B marketers can employ sophisticated lead nurturing programs while B-to-C marketers are more likely to zero in on driving a sale.

Lead Generation Is Broken
March 1, 2011

About 95 percent of generated leads are not effectively pursued by the sales team because marketing, often rewarded for generating a mountain of leads, delivers large numbers of unfiltered suspects.

7 Truths About Managing Your Sales Force
November 10, 2010

In his upcoming book, "The Truth About Leads," Dan McDade explores how the quest for leads can ruin the sales process. Here are seven takeaways that anyone who manages a sales force should consider.

Live From DMA2010: How to Double Conversion Rates With Effective Lead Nurturing
October 12, 2010

Five is the magic number for Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP Software, says Rod Lehman, the company's senior director of Americas marketing. That's how many touches consumers may require before converting, he told an intimate group of DMA2010 attendees during his session, "Effective Lead Nurturing: The Key to Doubling Conversion Rates."

4 Important Signs that your Lead Scoring is not Working
September 30, 2009

Most B-to-B marketers are now bought in to the concept of lead scoring. Using a combination of activity and known data to identify who is ready to speak with sales, and who is not, has become an accepted concept for most marketers who are focused on enabling their sales team.

8 Steps to Lead Management Success
September 23, 2009

No leads are more valuable than the ones you already have in your database. In its white paper, Action Guide to Lead Management Success, Indianapolis-based integrated, on-demand marketing automation software and database marketing services firm Right On Interactive offers steps to send higher-quality leads to the sales team, nurture leads that have the potential for future purchases and recycle inactive sales leads.

Jaspersoft's Nick Halsey on Marketing Automation Software
September 23, 2009

One thing's for sure: If there's a company with an appropriate tool to analyze project performance, it's Jaspersoft. And the most recent project the San Francisco-based open source business intelligence software provider chose to track was its own effort to increase its lead conversions.

You Gotta Score to Win
September 1, 2009

"Why can't I get more qualified leads?" the sales manager pleads. "You give us inquiries, but we don't know what they want, when they want it or if they are budgeted. It would help to know if they are qualified to buy." He continues, "You send them a package of literature, and marketing doesn't reach out to them again. How about giving us more qualified leads and skip the raw inquiries?"

Best-in-Class Marketers Focus on Multiple Lead-Nurturing Campaigns
April 1, 2009

If direct marketers want to weather the current economic downturn, they need to create multiple, relevant lead-nurturing campaigns. According to a November 2008 report from Aberdeen Group, only 16 percent of the total leads deemed as “sales opportunities” close, leaving marketers to handle the remaining 84 percent of qualified leads; the difference between a best-in-class company and an average company is how those leads are nurtured.