Internet Marketing

Bullish on the Recession
March 1, 2009

With the economy and, in particular, the stock market at the top of peoples’ minds these days, online brokerage firms have seized the opportunity to get their brands in front of consumers. As the market continues its free fall, some consumers — most notably first-time investors who previously shied away from higher prices — believe…

Web Analytics Keeps Rodale in the Loop
March 1, 2009

When you strive to be the authority on health, fitness and wellness, and the audience for your stable of magazines, trade books, subscription-based online properties and integrated marketing solutions exceeds 26 million, it’s best you know all you can about those customers. Case in point: Emmaus, Pa.-based Rodale, which maximizes customer data to sell more and make appropriate adjustments to its campaigns and products.

Why Marketers Should Use PURLs
February 26, 2009

Consumers are most likely to pay attention to messages that speak to them personally. Personalized URLs deliver just that. Adopting PURLs as a marketing tool can make every message more relevant to each recipient. Used optimally, they help sellers approach behavioral targeting both online and in the mailstream.

6 Online Marketing Trends to Watch in 2009
January 22, 2009

2008 was a tumultuous year for marketers — it exposed cracks in many of the marketing strategies advertisers have relied on for so long. In 2009, marketers need to rethink their business strategies in order to remain relevant this year and beyond. I may not have a crystal ball, but here are a few trends I expect we'll see this year:

Digital Ad Spend to Grow 8.9 Percent
January 21, 2009

Digital advertising spending will grow by 8.9 percent to $25.7 billion this year, and digital media consumption will approach 20 percent as a share of media. These were key statistics presented by Bruce Biegel, senior managing director of the Winterberry Group, a direct marketing consulting firm, during the Jan. 8 Direct Marketing Club of New York luncheon in New York City.

The Future of DM: It’s Interactive
January 14, 2009

Earlier this week, the Direct Marketing Association released a qualitative report on the future of direct marketing, concluding that it will most certainly be interactive. More on how the report was put together in a moment. Bottom line: Customers will be in control, analytics will rule and digital marketing will increase.

5 Steps to a Cleaner List
October 31, 2008

The concept of e-mail sending reputation can overwhelm a lot of marketers because there are so many factors involved.