Environmental Sustainability

Green is Good
October 1, 2008

We all understand the sense of urgency to produce and the need to control costs while still meeting deadlines and sales targets. After all, that's business. However, green marketing is a concept that, when implemented effectively, can improve your customer relationships, image in the market and ability to reach the most targeted audience, while helping grow your bottom line.

6 Ways to Master the Green Message
September 17, 2008

Green marketing messages are widespread, with environmental claims and certifications now almost commonplace among the many products and services that prospects receive. But are they effective? And if they aren't, why not?

Creative Automation Obtains FSC and SFI Chain of Custody Certifications
August 25, 2008

Hillside, IL - August 11, 2008 - Creative Automation, a leader in direct mail printing and database management services, announced today that they have obtained Chain of Custody Certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI). The FSC and SFI Certifications were awarded through SGS Systems and Services Certification, an internationally accredited certifier, after a complete inspection and audit of Creative Automation's facilities and processes. The FSC and SFI Certifications will be valid through July 14, 2013 and July 21, 2013 respectively.

"Having these certifications in place not only allows us to do something positive for the environment, but they also give us the ability to offer our clients more options when it comes to accomplishing their own green initiatives," stated Arun Veluchamy, President of Creative Automation. Since many people in the industry are still learning about these certifications and processes, we are glad to offer support to inform and educate about the benefits of the Chain of Custody.

7 Ways to Green Both Mail & Mailer
August 13, 2008

At the recent 2008 DM Days in New York, Debora Haskel, vice president of marketing for IWCO Direct in Minneapolis, presented “45 Environmentally Friendly Direct Mail Ideas in 45 Minutes.” In her session, she made it clear that there are many big and small ways to green your direct mail as well as your company itself. Here are seven green initiatives to undertake.

Amy Ochoa on Building a Customer Base
August 13, 2008

You open a retail store with a simple goal: get customers through the front door. Hey, you've got stellar products that people only need to look at and feel, and sales will occur naturally.

Results of a Different Kind
August 1, 2008

If you've been thinking about your company's carbon footprint, you're just a step away from a bigger idea that's taking shape in business culture today. It's called ethical marketing, and it was the focus of a keynote speech by David Sable, vice chairman and COO of Wunderman, at the DM Days New York Conference & Expo two months ago. His presentation was titled, "Fashion Statement or Fad du Jour: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Ethical Marketing," but believe me, Sable was quite clear on the fact that companies must be more honorable in the way they interact with customers and conduct business if they want to remain relevant.

4 Don’ts in Marketing Your Green Efforts
June 18, 2008

According to Experian Research Services, consumers will spend more than $500 billion on products categorized as being better for the environment. With consumers increasingly aligning their purchasing behaviors with their personal values, marketers will want to communicate where their products and services fall on the environment-friendly spectrum—but carefully. When it comes to greenwashing—making dubious claims about the environmental attributes of your product—the public is quick to point out imposters and impose social penalties. In her keynote speech, “How to Go Green Profitably and Responsibly,” at last week’s DM Days New York Conference & Expo, IBM’s Elaine Lennox offered marketers some advice for relaying their

3 Ways to Reduce Waste in the Direct Mail Production Process
June 11, 2008

You rely on your direct mail production suppliers to help you identify cost-cutting measures for your campaigns. Why not also bring these key stakeholders into your efforts to improve your environmental stewardship goals? Beyond being experts at print production and workflow, they might also be educated on the latest industry guidances that you’ll want to consider when evaluating your green options. And while you’re brainstorming, don’t forget to ask what steps your production partners are taking to address environmental impacts in their own operations. Sharing ideas and research can help you all move farther forward on this important issue. Here, Debora Haskel, vice president

Nuts & Bolts: Book Club
June 1, 2008

Going green is the socially responsible and hip thing to do, but according to marketer, author and blogger John Grant, no one really agrees on what “going green” means. For marketers especially, there is a blanket term of “green marketing” floating around the industry, ambiguous in its intention, but righteous in its spirit. But not anymore. Grant’s most recent book, “The Green Marketing Manifesto,” aims to pull this blanket from over the eyes of the marketing community and give readers a solid understanding that green marketing needs to be both commercial and environmental, while encouraging marketers to “ditch the old 20th century marketing