Facebook May Sell TV-Style Ads for $2.5M Each
August 1, 2013

Facebook, seeking to break the long-held dominance of television over advertising budgets, plans to sell TV-style commercials on its site for as much as $2.5 million a day, two people familiar with the matter said. Karl Petersen, Lulea's mayor, walks past a logo at Facebook Inc.'s new data storage center near the Arctic Circle in Lulea, Sweden. The world’s largest social-networking site, which has 1.15 billion members, expects to start offering 15-second spots to advertisers later this year, according to the people, who asked not to be named because the plans aren’t public. Facebook rose above the $38 initial public

DR Online Video
August 1, 2013

Online video marketing is being used widely and effectively as a direct marketing medium to generate leads, build mailing lists and convert prospects and past buyers into new sales or contributions.

Twitter TV Ad Targeting Now Available to All National Advertisers
July 25, 2013

In May, we shared the news of the beta launch of Twitter TV Ad Targeting, a new service designed to enable Twitter and TV ad campaigns to be synchronized. Twitter announced the platform has been so successful, it’s shifting out of beta mode and is now available in the U.S. to all advertisers running national television commercials. In a blog post announcing the general availability, Bluefin Labs (acquired by Twitter in February) founder Michael Fleischman wrote, “During a handful of studies, users that Twitter identified as being exposed on TV and then engaged with a Promoted Tweet demonstrate 95 percent

How DRTV Fits Into an Integrated Marketing Campaign
July 17, 2013

Direct response TV has been a "team player" in an advertising world where disparate media and strategies are increasingly called upon to work well with others for the good of the entire campaign. Here are eight ways the medium works well with other advertising mechanisms.

Advertisers Will Spend Nearly $10 Billion This Week on a Broken TV Model
May 15, 2013

This week, advertisers will sit down with the broadcast TV networks and hash out their "upfront" ad buying deals for the year. The talks are one of advertising's huge, dramatic set-pieces. As Ad Age describes it, "possibly as few as 40 people from the networks, agencies and brands will go into backrooms and decide how $9 billion of the $62 billion U.S. TV ad market will be spent next year." Networks are expecting, again, to see TV ad spending rise. CBS chief Les Moonves is bullish, and analysts expect the network may get 7 percent to 9 percent price increases.

Microtargeted TV
February 1, 2013

The most effective marketing delivery channels today are powered by real addressable targeting and measurement. Marketers using direct mail, telemarketing, email and online display ads are realizing improved campaign results as they put the customer and deep data at the center of their efforts. It's time to consider including addressable television in that list of individually targetable marketing channels.

Nielsen Study Shows Growth in Second Screen TV Watchers Surfing Mobile Web
December 4, 2012

Television viewers were once called couch potatoes. Many are becoming more active while watching now, judging by the findings in a new report that illustrates the explosive growth in people who watch TV while connected to social media on smartphones and tablets. The Nielsen company said that one in three people using Twitter in June sent messages at some point about the content of television shows, an increase of 27 percent from only five months earlier. And that was before the Olympics, which was probably the first big event to illustrate the extent of second screen usage.

Verizon Patents Advertising Method That Can Tell Viewers Are Laughing, Cuddling, Sleeping or Singing
December 4, 2012

Verizon has filed a patent application for targeting ads to viewers based on information collected from infrared cameras and microphones that would be able to detect conversations, people, objects and even animals that are near a TV. If the detection system determines that a couple is arguing, a service provider would be able to send an ad for marriage counseling to a TV or mobile device in the room. If the couple utters words that indicate they are cuddling, they would receive ads for "a romantic getaway vacation, a commercial for a contraceptive, a commercial for flowers"

5 Takeaways From Holiday Marketing Campaigns of Years Past
November 28, 2012

Holiday marketing can be tough. You've got to figure out your target market, what kind of content to create, what promotions will bring in customers ... and, of course, how to beat your competitors. Some of the coolest holiday marketing campaigns of years past can prove instructive, so we've identified five campaigns, along with takeaways, to help your holiday marketing achieve better results. 1. Stroke your customers' egos. Holiday shopping for family and friends can sometimes seem an Olympic sport ... You want to buy everything that your loved ones want, and you want to do it fast and cheap.

YouTube Analytics for Direct Marketers
November 28, 2012

For direct marketers, YouTube analytics is a treasure-trove of data about video marketing measurement and performance. By interpreting "Views Reports," you can produce stronger direct response-oriented videos using demographics, playback locations, traffic sources and audience retention. Translate the description of the metrics into direct marketing language, and you'll gain a new perspective of the power of online video marketing.