Consumers Vote for Value
January 1, 2011

According to John Gerzema and Michael D'Antonio, marketers need to tune in to the real consumers, not the personas they've been marketing to.

Social Media CRM: 4 New Ways Farmers are Talking to Consumers
September 22, 2010

After two straight days of madly baling hay—skipping sleep while trying to beat the rain expected at his Etna, Calif. ranch—Jeff Fowle still avoided using the obvious pun when tweeting about farming to his more than 23,000 followers on Thursday night.

Consumer Engagement Creates Opportunities for Credit Card Marketers
July 28, 2010

Global economic slowdown. Double-dip recession fears. Cash hoarding. Whatever catchphrase those who aren't spending money are using to justify their miserly behavior, consumers who actually are spending money would prefer hearing  different words coming from credit card companies: "Thank you, and here's your reward."

Use Data to ID Consumer Segments Spending Discretionary Dollars
June 23, 2010

Discretionary dollars. Which consumers have them, and which do not? Which consumers have them but are not spending, and which consumers are spending them? These are the critical questions direct marketers across all verticals must answer.

Engauge’s Melissa Read, Ph.D., on the Role of Psychology in Marketing to Today’s Consumer
June 2, 2010

Psychology—largely defined as the study of the human mind and its functions as they relate to behavior—is not an entirely foreign concept when it comes to marketing, especially direct response activities. For example, Publishers Clearing House knew exactly which human drives it was tapping into with the lick-and-stick magazine stamps in its sweepstakes direct mail packages of yore. But while copy, design and offer development has leveraged psychological findings to the hilt, the utility of this tool can be extended deeper into marketing strategy to develop more continually relevant interactions with prospects and customers.

Understanding the Digital Consumer
March 10, 2010

While the Internet is the most important digital channel to adult consumers and e-mail is the way they prefer receiving messages, direct marketers may find more refined insight into their preferences quite useful.

8 Ways Marketers Can Geo-Target Consumers Through Affiliates
December 2, 2009

The Art Institute of Chicago wanted to add a splash of color by injecting youthful new blood into its membership. What it got by advertising through a Web site that geo-targeted consumers was 5,000 new members in the demographic it was trying to reach—18- to 35-year-olds—upping its rolls by 5 percent or 6 percent in one day, says Andrew Mason, founder of Chicago-based publisher Groupon. The bonus was that 97 percent of those signing up for the 50 percent-off membership never had been institute members before.

First Up: Credit-Crunched Consumers
January 22, 2009

You know the economy is in a sorry state when the entire American auto industry needs a bailout while consumers are being warned about what gift cards to buy for the holidays . . . in case that store, such as Circuit City or Sears, is no longer there when shopping time comes around. Wow. The turmoil that began in the banking, mortgage and credit sectors, before spreading to the stock market and now automotive industry (well, trouble has been brewing there for quite some time), is taking a serious toll on direct marketing across channels.