Ross Kramer

Ross Kramer

Ross Kramer is Co-Founder and CEO of Listrak, a marketing automation platform for retailers.

10 Email Mistakes That Cause Campaigns to Underperform (and How to Fix Them)

I've been in the email marketing industry a long time—more than 10 years—which means I've pretty much seen it all. But what surprises me the most are the mistakes that keep happening over and over again. Many of these should have been eradicated long ago. We talk a lot about best practices, but here is a list of the 10 worst practices that are killing email campaign ROI.

Lost Email Subscribers? 5 Ways to Reconnect

How often do you evaluate the health of your email lists? Last year, MarketingSherpa reported that 33 percent of businesses are seeing a decline in their list sizes, with business lists experiencing an average decrease of 13 percent. Other industry stats put the average attrition rate above 30 percent annually. List attrition is caused by a number of factors: people change jobs and subsequently their business email addresses, or they change their personal email to switch ISPs or avoid spam and start fresh. This churn can wreak havoc not only on your deliverability but on your ROI.

3 Tips to Improve Consumer Engagement Via Email

It's easier than ever to create highly targeted and relevant email campaigns that are triggered for deployment when consumers are most engaged. Yet Listrak discovered in a recent study that few online retailers are using available technology and key consumer touchpoints to truly interact with and engage shoppers in relevant, ongoing conversations.

Post-Holiday Email Campaigns: Kick Off the Year Right

Consumers don’t stop shopping after the holidays, so your email campaigns shouldn’t end on Dec. 25. In fact, your post-holiday email campaigns can serve several purposes, including helping rid you of overstock items to make room for new inventory; generate additional revenue as gift cards are redeemed; and, most importantly, further engage your customers to build brand loyalty. Here are some ideas and best practices for your post-holiday campaigns:

Turn Browsers Into Buyers With a Foolproof Shopping Cart Abandonment Program

I’m passionate about email marketing. I love its data, the personalized communication and how it brings organizations closer to their customers. And, most importantly, I love the amazing returns it brings to my clients’ bottom lines. But it’s not always easy to get others as excited about email as I am. Spammers have created a black cloud over our industry, and the fact that even poor sending practices produce OK results have tainted the way some people think about email marketing.

Critical Elements to Getting Your Welcome Messages Right From the Start, Part 2

In part 1 of this series on welcome messages, I discussed the benefits of an automated welcome series over a single welcome message, namely the ability to build long-term customers and brand advocates, increase subscriber value and campaign return on investment, and reduce subscriber attrition. In this installment I’ll cover five additional elements of a successful welcome series, focusing in on the content of messages.