Noelle Skodzinski

Noelle Skodzinski
5-minute Interview with Judy K. Verses, Senior Vice President, Marketing Verizon

Four months ago, Judy K. Verses stepped into new shoes at Verizon. As senior vice president of marketing, she oversees consumer and small-business offer management, retention and win-back marketing, and channel and business development. Below, she talks with Target Marketing about this pivotal period in telecommunications history. Target Marketing: What do you see as the biggest marketing challenge the telecommunications industry is facing right now? Judy K. Verses: More than ever … there is a huge proliferation of choices, not only from competitors, but also from the various delivery systems. Now consumers can have voice, data and entertainment on the regular local network, via satellite,

Survey Says: A Taste of Good Customer Service

When customers open a package of mail-order Fairytale Brownies, they’re greeted by more than the wafting aroma of chocolate. They also encounter a survey-sweepstakes card. If they answer a few questions—such as “How did the brownies taste?”—and return the postage-paid survey card within 30 days, they are entered into a monthly drawing for a dozen more Fairytale Brownies. The sweeps prize works because, well, few people don’t like free gourmet brownies. And, since the drawing is held monthly, recipients have a good chance of winning. Fairytale’s whole presentation is fun and friendly, and welcomes customers to participate and comment. And they do: 2,600 surveys

A Billion-Dollar Bank Takes Steps to Retain Customers

BankFinancial, a $1.6 billion financial institution, is no stranger to predictive marketing. It has been reaping the benefits of it for some seven years. Recently, however, BankFinancial executives wanted to be more proactive with efforts to retain the approximately 1.5 percent of BankFinancial customers who left the bank each year, but felt limited in their ability to mix data sources and segment effectively. They enlisted SPSS’s recently released PredictiveMarketing software, which enables the integration of data sources, such as records at the transactional level, account level, and even customer and household level. Staff now can “slice and dice” data in many ways. “It’s like

Pathmark’s Advantage: A Loyalty Program That Works

Loyalty programs are not uncommon these days, so creating one that will stand out in the crowd demands rewards that are truly appealing to customers. For example, grocery stores offering special discounts to program members are a dime a dozen. So when Pathmark—a grocery chain with stores in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware—set out to inspire loyalty from its customers, it took the discount-based incentives a step further. Its program, More Savings at More Places, established an exclusive benefit in the Pathmark Advantage Club by providing savings at other stores where Pathmark consumers shop heavily. PowerPact, the multiservices marketing agency

The Humane Society’s Motion for Donors

With 7 million members and constituents, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) certainly draws a bevy of donor support. But competition continually stiffens, and nonprofits can’t slack on promotion, or their donors may stray. So, when HSUS was seeking a new way to raise funds from current and prospective donors, it came up with a picture-perfect plan. It hired online communications provider Exciting New Technologies to create a streaming video e-newsletter campaign that would both woo and educate its audience. Launched April 22, 2003, the effort dropped a combination of biweekly and weekly messages to approximately 14,000 opt-in subscribers who

CRM Special Report: Rx for Success

Most marketers agree that participation of senior-level executives in an enterprise-wide CRM strategy is essential for success. It is the level of participation required that Chris Selland, managing director of Massachusetts-based research and consulting firm Reservoir Partners, set out to find in his white paper “CRM Leadership Strategies.” Based on interviews with both mid-size and large companies, Selland offers five primary leadership tenets companies seeking CRM success must pursue. 1. Set the strategy. CRM strategy must be set at the corporate-level, with appropriate directives and clear measures. Determine how CRM aligns with overall business strategy. How and where CRM technologies best can be used

Technology Roundup Products on the Cutting Edge

Products on the Cutting Edge By Noelle Skodzinski It's just like the modern-day chicken and egg: Does technology evolve and change society? Or does society demand technology to adapt to change? It seems with direct marketing, the technological chicken and egg arrive at the same time, spinning around each other in a tenacious dance. "Click-to-call" technologies became available just as companies began trying to improve unchartered customer-service issues on cold, impersonal Web sites. (If click-to-call is still new to you—as it is to many—you can read more about it below.) But,