Mark Smith

Mark Smith
How to Use Analytics to Improve the Performance of Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

In the here and now, most online retailers know that data helps them gain insights into the behaviors of their visitors. In fact, a recent survey by Experian Data Quality found that nearly 100 percent of retailers said they feel driven to turn data into insight, and all said some form of data is essential to marketing success.

3 Tips for Mastering ‘In-the-Moment’ Offers

If today's consumer could be summed up in one word, it might be "fickle." In a world where it's completely normal for a person to simultaneously "window shop" online, read product reviews on a smartphone and crowdsource opinions from friends on Twitter, brands are realizing the power—and necessity—of individualized, in-the-moment offers to help them rise above the din and truly set them apart.

Mobile Search: A Mini Playbook

There's a popular belief that mobile campaigns are only suited for certain types of businesses, such as restaurants and local retailers. Perhaps its search volume hasn't yet hit critical mass, but the momentum is shifting. Understanding a few of the basic best practices will help maximize your return on your mobile marketing investment.

Avoiding Mental Opt-Out with Data Analytics

This plummeting cost of digital storage is not the primary cause of the mental opt-out phenomenon, but it is one of the reasons marketers need to pay more attention than ever to following good email marketing practices.

Add Analytics, Reduce Marketing Waste

With the intention of reaching as many customers as possible, companies often execute mass marketing campaigns that prove to be costly and ineffective, sometimes even backfiring when they target customers with the wrong message.

Hitting the Bull's-Eye: Using Uplift Modeling to Improve Marketing Campaigns

In the game of marketing, relevancy is king. Ensuring your message is targeted to your customers' needs should always be a top priority, and how well you achieve this relevancy will have an immense impact on the success of your campaigns. Equally as important, however, is ensuring your audience is correctly targeted.