Mary Ann Falzone

Mary Ann Falzone
Making Your Telephone Test a Success (888 words)

by Mary Ann Falzone Testing on the phone is more complicated than setting up a direct mail test. In a telemarketing test, you have the following factors to contend with: • the script; • the offer (whether it's $39 or $29); • the calling time; • the list; and • the human variable of the reps placing the calls. This human element is an added component to be considered as part of the test equation—good or bad. On the one hand, great reps can skew your results to the point where those results will never hold up in roll out. On the other

Telemarketing's Labor Puzzle (1,501 words)

by Mary Ann Falzone Second only to the quality of your front-line supervisory staff, the quality of your telephone representatives is key to the success of any phone sales, service or support program. Your reps are quite literally the voice of your company! Finding great phone talent, whether from inside or outside your firm, is not always easy. And if your call center is located in a tight labor market with low unemployment and/or a labor pool that's unsuitable for your telephone applications, the search for raw talent can be a daunting one. The key to success is to use a combination of

Win-Win Upselling (1,133 words)

by Mary Ann Falzone The art of upselling and cross-selling on the telephone has one absolute golden rule: The customer must win. When the benefit from your add-on sale is both tangible and instantly understood, such a program will work every time. If it takes a stretch of the imagination or a leap of faith to grasp how the customer could possibly profit by the exchange, the upsell or cross-sell just won't fly. Sound like common sense? It is. Yet, that doesn't stop many marketers from focusing on what they need to sell instead of what the customer needs to buy and why they'd