Marissa Fabris

Marissa Fabris
A List Professional Speaks: Alan Zamchick

Target Marketing took some time to chat with Alan Zamchick, vice preisdent of list management for Media Horizons Management about how he entered the list business, who his mentors were, what challenges he has faced in the industry and more.

Growing Leads

A "one size fits all" approach certainly has its place, such as with hats, gloves and the like. But when it comes to marketing lawn care services, that method won't translate into more quality leads. For Spring-Green Lawn Care Corp., the Plainfield, Ill.-based lawn and tree care service franchise, a tailored strategy was necessary to maximize local exposure and generate leads effectively.

A Test That Captured the Changing Times

For nearly a decade, Freedom from Hunger's acquisitions control has been the steadfast "Loan Approved" package. The modest #10 mailing communicates the organization's focus on providing small loans to help women establish businesses to feed their families and change their lives. And for years, the organization has been frequently testing against this package with little success.

Anatomy of a Control: A Vision for Growth

When Lighthouse International abandoned its labels acquisitions control package in 2006 in an effort to bring in higher-dollar donors, it turned to a proven renewal package and adapted that to reach out to its acquisitions audience-a move that led to the founding of a new control that it has relied on since.

Room for Growth

When New York's New Museum opened the doors to its new facility in December 2007, replacing its small museum with limited membership, the doors of opportunity opened wide for a direct mail program to bring more people through those doors

Cash It or Leave It

Mention anything related to money on your carrier envelope and you're sure to capture the attention of more than a few prospects. No doubt, "free" money is invaluable both in your bank account and as a way of generating attention and response from prospects.

Renewing the New

"Connect. Inspire. Empower." When Orthodox Union's National Conference of Synagogue Youth boldly delivered this message to 50,000 alumni and past supporters on the carrier envelope of a late summer membership renewal campaign, its hope was that the slogan would help convey a sense of belonging and establish a greater connection between the member and the organization in its first-ever membership effort.

Signed, Affixed, Sealed and Delivered

Adapting a message for multiple audiences isn't always practical-or possible. And when it comes to messaging to different international markets, language and cultural nuances can pose unique challenges for an international organization to approach its direct marketing efforts with a similar focus in different countries.

Celebrating the New

Who doesn’t like a good reason to celebrate? Be it birthday or anniversary, graduation or retirement, special occasions have a way of making people feel joyous. Such events can even be reason enough for many of us to buy a new dress, get a haircut or paint the house. Philadelphia’s Lantern Theater Co. took the occasion of its 15th anniversary season to make over its season kick-off mailer, sent in July to 15,000 current subscribers and 12,000 arts patrons in the Philadelphia area, highlighting its upcoming 2008-2009 productions. The theater’s bold 4¾˝ x 10½˝ program mailer reflects a shift in the organization’s creative direction,

Special Report on Multicultural Marketing:
ARA Media Solution’s Arlene Rosen on Insert Media for Niche Markets

Direct marketers interested in finding out if their products and services might appeal specifically to different multicultural audiences should consider insert media options. Although some firms drive all their direct sales through insert media, plenty of others turn to these media programs as a less expensive testing ground for offers, creative and niche markets. Insert media expert Arlene Rosen, president of New York, N.Y.-based ARA Media Solutions, shares some insights on how to reach niche markets via various types of insert programs. Target Marketing: What role does insert media play in helping marketers reach niche markets, such as Hispanics, Asian Americans and the GLBT

Special Report on Multicultural Marketing:
Market Power

Thirty-nine million African Americans are spending more than $892 billion in the United States today. Fueled by a steadily increasing population, this market’s spending power is projected to surpass the $1 trillion mark by 2012. The implications of marketing to this audience are clear, and these statistics are likely provoking companies to not only incorporate niche marketing into their overall marketing strategy but also to recognize the value of investing an equitable share of dollars and efforts in targeting the African American audience. While there are market segments growing at a faster rate than the African American market—namely Hispanics, due in large part to

A Paradigm Shift

At Cisco, a dramatic shift is underway within the organization as it ventures into a new world of Web strategy, challenging its traditional tactics and integrating fresh principles to embrace an approach largely based on Web 2.0. What implications does this have for online lead generation? And what affect does this new perspective have on Cisco’s ability to drive conversion? Although the San Jose, Calif.-based supplier of networking hardware, software and service offerings is not entirely abandoning the “old world,” its traditional approach is being redefined within the parameters of the “new world,” and some innovative solutions and tactics are emerging as a result.

Fulfillment Goes Digital

If you’re currently leveraging the Web to enhance your organization’s fulfillment efforts, you’re probably on to something. But if you haven’t yet integrated digital fulfillment in your marketing program, consider how it can help you achieve your goals and why it may behoove you to explore this approach. Perhaps your goal is to increase response, reduce time to market, improve customer satisfaction or gain a competitive advantage? Whatever it is, digital fulfillment may be precisely what your marketing program needs to reach that next level. Highly customized brochures, downloadable software, streaming videos and e-mail are among the formats being used to deliver requested information

Knowledge is Power

There’s something refreshing—even uplifting—about receiving a direct mail package that speaks to you. When you pull that rare package from the mailbox that hits all the right buttons, for a moment, it makes you feel as though you are the only person it was destined for. Knowing its Mileage Plus members well enough to make this special connection is, perhaps, the easy part for United Airlines, which keeps a comprehensive database that allows it to do just that. What takes its highly customized newsletter to the next level, however, is how the airline takes that information and uses it to figure out what its

Connect With the Boomer Market Online

Don’t overlook online channels when putting together a marketing plan for the boomer market. According to Mary Furlong, CEO of Lafayette, Calif.-based Mary Furlong and Associates, an agency specializing in the boomer and senior markets, boomers are the most wired adult market. Indeed, boomers turn to the Internet to find answers to serious questions—ranging from health-related concerns to real-estate questions—which is an indication of their comfort level online, notes Furlong. “Sometimes marketers think, ‘I’ll just reach them through magazines and newspapers.’ But I think the new ‘Aha’ is to reach them through their BlackBerrys and reach them online,” says Furlong.