Liz Elting

Liz Elting
What Social Media Can and Can't Do for a Global Marketing Campaign

Online retailers have embraced social media for domestic marketing campaigns, often succeeding in reaching their strategic goals through the use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs. E-tailers have found that social media can help them engage consumers, broadcast promotions and boost profits, all with a relatively low investment.

International Search Engine Optimization: What You Need to Know Now

In an age when consumers around the world are increasingly comfortable shopping online, it no longer makes sense to build a website based on the needs and expectations of consumers in just one nation. Doing so is a sure way to plateau company revenue and growth.

ISEO: 4 Steps to Reach Foreign Markets with an International Website

In this age of global business, engaging only one nation’s consumer base is a sure way to plateau revenue and growth. Customizing your website to suit the linguistic needs of each international market can result in significantly increased Web traffic, as well as increased revenue per order and improved international brand recognition.