Katie Haegele

Katie Haegele
Internet Special Report - Raise Dollars Online (1,298 words)

by Katie Haegele Two Non-profits Share Their Secrets for Web Success Online fund-raising efforts bring in less than 2 percent of all money earned by non-profits, according to Mal Warwick, president of Mal Warwick & Associates and co-editor of the book "Fundraising on the Internet" (Strathmoor Press). Yet, Warwick asserts, the Internet is a viable fund-raising tool non-profit agencies can't afford to ignore. "Fund raising is not a transaction-based process, but a relationship-builder. The Web is uniquely suited to doing this," Warwick says. Furthermore, the Web can be a great way to promote your organization to a younger audience. So why have those

Tap The Power

by Katie Haegele The Internet is no longer new media. You know you've got to use it to its fullest potential. Online initiatives, such as affiliate marketing and breeding loyalty through dynamic and compelling content, represent some of the best ways to capture and keep the attention of Internet users. Friends in High Places Researchers at Forrester believe that by 2003 the affiliate market will be worth $12 billion. Also called "pay-for-performance" advertising, affiliate marketing is eclipsing banner advertising as the new way to exploit the Web's inherent tracking capabilities. There's safety in numbers. Forming smart partnerships could well be the wave

Where to Turn for Help in Creating an E-Business (1,393 words)

by Katie Haegele You're a successful direct marketer and you know it's time to take your business online. Or, you're already there, and you need some expert advice to make your site even better. Look no further. Before digging into our extensive listing of service providers, take the time to figure out exactly what you'll need to succeed. The good news: A lot of this New Economy advice will be old-hat to direct marketers, as our industry is well versed in the need for target marketing. Newcomers, on the other hand, must first answer such basic questions as,"Where does your target audience