John M. Coe

John M. Coe
The New B-to-B Fundamentals (1,907 words)

By John M. Coe ... Or How to Sell More by Spending Less For decades, sales and marketing communications groups coexisted as complementary but separate silos in most B-to-B companies. Marketing was responsible for advertising, collateral, public relations and trade shows. Sales was responsible for following up on leads generated by marketing, and selling the product or service to prospects and customers. The twain rarely met. In the 1990s companies began to qualify leads more aggressively, deploy outbound telemarketing, build marketing databases, and install sales and marketing software systems. Since sales revenues continued to grow and grow, we assumed that real progress was

How to Reach B-to-B Buyers

Tough List and Data Work Yields a Big Payoff By John M. Coe PEOPLE BUY, NOT COMPANIES. Over the years, I've frequently heard business-to-business marketers say, "We've finished our targeting and we now know which companies are the best suspects to buy our product/service." Well, this doesn't go far enough, because that's only half the job. Actually, a company doesn't buy anything—it's the people within the company who make the buying decisions and place the orders. Simple enough, to be sure, but often forgotten by direct marketers who either come from the consumer world or haven't truly sold in the b-to-b environment.

B-to-B Data Decay The Untold Story

We Sell to People, not Companies By John M. Coe The very term business-to-business (b-to-b) implies that companies buy from other companies. Well, not exactly. What actually occurs is people make purchasing decisions to buy from other companies. In other words, companies don't buy anything—people do. Therefore, in developing b-to-b direct marketing campaigns it's of critical importance to first target the correct individuals within the companies and then get and/or maintain accurate contact information of those targeted. In fact, it's been determined that from 50 percent to 75 percent of a b-to-b direct marketing campaign's success rests on the accuracy of