Greg Brown

Greg Brown

Greg Brown is vice president of Melissa, provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions that span the entire data quality lifecycle and integrate into CRM, e-commerce, master data management and Big Data platforms. Connect with Greg at or via LinkedIn.

Catch Bad Data Before It Wrecks Your Business

During the past two decades, conventional wisdom surrounding data quality has drastically changed. Decision support systems, data warehousing and business intelligence have gradually altered what is meant by "quality information." By focusing on five key aspects of data quality management—including data cleansing, address data quality, address standardization, data enhancement, and record linkage and matching—businesses achieve a practical and proactive approach to data quality

6 Steps to Take the Junk Out of Direct Mail

Every part of the direct mail life cycle has potential for achieving environmental, economic and social benefits—from mail piece design and mailing list preparation to post-delivery management. But to effectively green the mailing process, the best place to start is list maintenance and target marketing. The following mailing processes are not only green, but make good business sense and have the potential to get any direct mail campaign off to a great start.

Figuring Out Facebook Sweepstakes and Avoiding Contest Fatigue

As you may already know, it’s tough to see a brand page on Facebook today without a special offer, contest or sweepstakes. And with good reason: they work! An infographic released this past month by Get Satisfaction and Column Five Media shows that offers, specials and deals are the top reason customers follow brands on social networks. In an age of information overload, it’s not surprising that a personal incentive often proves to be the extra push many people need to click “Like.”

10 Tips to Optimize Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing can appear daunting with the multitude of laws, spam filters and confusion over the best method to use. Whether you're an e-marketing novice or veteran, learning the tricks of the trade can make the process more comfortable and successful.