Gayl Curtiss

Gayl Curtiss
The Self-mailer Challenge

One piece of paper, a thousand ways to get it wrong. By Gayl Curtiss and Paul Ford How can something that feels so easy be so complex? Depending on your timelines, production limitations and sales strategy, the suggestion of using a "simple" self-mailer for a campaign could be a mirage that drags you into quite a few production, timing and strategy problems. The situation typically starts with a job that requires great response on a fast turn. Someone invariably suggests the self-mailer, because it's "just one piece of paper." The creative, printing, bindery and lettershop processes should take at least half the time

The Ideal Relationship With Your Production Supplier

By Gayl Curtiss It's easy to find print production vendors. It's hard, however, to find good ones. Finding compatible, competent production suppliers is an ongoing challenge. Here are some tips I use when considering potential suppliers: Pricing: There are many exceptional production facilities with which to align yourself. The first thing I do is ask the prospective vendor to bid on some representative projects, and I compare its prices to what I have already paid. I refuse to a pay a premium for the "privilege" of working with any vendor. If its pricing seems to be in line, I plan a visit to

A Wake-up Call to Senior Management

Don't let mistakes eat up profits By Gayl Curtiss Here is a secret to increase your profits during tough times: Make the elimination of errors your No. 1 priority. With agencies barely making enough profits to survive, senior management has a choice to make: Ignore procedures and spend big bucks fixing screw-ups, or embrace procedures and drop much larger profits to the bottom line. Look at it this way: If you reduce errors, you'll increase the profitability of current clients, and in turn, cut down your dependence on new business development. In every agency there are two priority efforts going on at