6 Reasons Why Your Facebook Contest Failed

Marketing teams often get too caught up in the design and distribution tactics that the big picture of a social media campaign is compromised. The reality is that taking a step back and looking at the big picture is arguably the most important step any campaign manager should do before launching a social media contest.

Why Your Customers Know More About You Than You Think …

When was the last time you purchased something on without reading the reviews? In the digital age, conversations about the experience with the organization, positive or negative, are being communicated, corroborated and shared. This stream of chatter has the potential to reach and influence far more people than most traditional marketing initiatives.

3 Ways Social Media is Like ‘Project Runway’

I admit it. I’ve been hooked on reality show “Project Runway” since its inception nearly seven years ago. The funny thing is, the rules set for the designers on "Project Runway" aren’t far from the best practices followed by marketers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar platforms.

eView: Pay for Twitter Only if There's a Return

Twitter, the popular and fast-growing microblogging site, is like the Wild West — it has few laws, regulations or hard costs. It won’t stay that way for long, however. Reports all over the blogosphere suggest the company’s management team is floating the idea of requiring companies to pay for upgraded or enhanced services to the…