Bonnie Crater

Bonnie Crater

Bonnie Crater is co-founder, president, and CEO of Full Circle Insights, a marketing performance measurement software provider. Reach her at

4 Metrics That Uncover Key Insights From Your Data

Over the last few years, marketing has shifted towards becoming as much of a science as an art. While intuition and panache still play a large role, focusing on the data behind marketing campaigns is now at the core of what defines effective marketing. Brands now have access to more data about their customers than ever before. Marketing is a numbers game, but succeeding at that game requires a deep understanding of what the data means.

5 Tips for Using Campaign Data to Build Your Next Marketing Budget

Campaign data is an incredibly valuable tool for creating marketing budgets and projecting close rates. It also helps marketers zero in on campaign influence factors they can use to accurately assess and demonstrate the value of their programs. Here are five ways to use campaign data in the budgeting and campaign development process: