Not all advanced technologies are digital. E-commerce packaging — the box you use to send the product to your customer — is becoming a hotspot to build brands and help ensure repeat orders. In this episode, Thorin talks with packagePRINTING Editor-in-Chief Corey Francer about how the capabilities in this industry are changing, and how e-commerce marketers are using those advances to bring their brands into the customers' homes.

For an e-commerce marketer, the package is probably the only chance you have to interact with your customers in a physical space. Receiving and opening a package is a special opportunity to make the customer happy, and you only need to look at the hordes of unboxing videos on YouTube to see how important that moment can be to people. The quality and creativity you put into the box determines whether they feel like they’re having a moment in your beautiful store, or just cutting up some trash.

In this video, we spotlight how the brands from MeUndies to Graze, Hello Fresh and Mr. Dog all use the boxes they put their products and shipments in to enhance the customer experience and brand impression.

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