Mitch Joel, President of Mirum and host of "Six Pixels of Separation" stops by the "Marketing Garage" to talk about the relationship between marketing creativity and marketing technology. Including his role today at Mirum, how marketers get technology right and wrong, and warning signs you might be on the wrong path.

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Some Mitch Joel Highlights:

Is Creative Important in Digital Marketing?
“I would never say the platform makes you creative or transactional. I think the platform is somewhat ambiguous or agnostic. It’s what you put into it that makes it interesting.”

“Unless you did it, I don’t think you know why it worked.”

“Digital moved advertising from a scarcity model to a model of abundance.”

“Technology makes our time more efficient, including creativity.”

“Bigger brands are really curious about not being in the position they were in 10 years ago, when they didn’t see the Web coming.”

“I’m no longer surprised when brands have 200-300 digital marketing professionals on staff.”

What Tells You a Brand Doesn’t Get It?
“I always resort to marketing 101”

  1. Does the experience platform (website, mobile, etc.) deliver on customer expectations?
  2. Data quality and use: Do they have customers’ primary email, and what kind of personalization is going on?
  3. General search strategy, organic and paid.
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