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Heather Fletcher is senior content editor with Target Marketing.

Minutes of testing could save marketers’ hides for months, if not longer. Testing is touted but sounds difficult to many, so marketers may not do it as often as would be ideal. However, having a firm foundation may make marketers feel more comfortable about taking the plunge.

The relationship between the email marketer and the email subscriber is an unspoken alliance, and also a source of constant tension and potential. Email marketers owe their jobs, databases and likely revenue to the subscriber who provides permission in exchange for (hopefully) special offers, content, and respect and relevancy. The email marketer often loses sight of this invaluable permission during the march to some interdepartmental meeting or shared goal

In Part 1 of my two-part interview with author and email expert Chad White, we covered why he wrote his new book and the double-edged sword of high email frequency. In this final Part 2, we talk about what is truly important, why marketers should leverage Twitter for email and what fires up this email veteran. Simms Jenkins: What are the three most important rules if you had to call them out to someone looking to take their email efforts to the next level? Chad White: That's tough, but I think I'd say … Rule 11: Focus on maximizing the

Chad White is one of the better-known email marketing experts and has long been the go-to voice for retail email marketing research and analysis. He launched The Retail Email Blog years ago and now serves as principal of marketing research at ExactTarget. He recently wrote "Email Marketing Rules" and remains a champion for email subscribers, even delivering opinions that email marketers may not want to hear. I talked with Chad in this two-part interview where he covers a wide range of subjects—from his book to the notion that more email can cure any email program.

So, the new email inbox is now mobile. What does this mean? Connected consumers—the people with smartphones and tablet computers—check their email accounts more often and, in some cases, exclusively from these devices. In a joint presentation between Responsys’ VP of Strategic Services Richard Fleck and BrightWave Marketing’s CEO Simms Jenkins, the two spoke about how the changing email landscape must evolve to consider mobile and social access points. Each speaker touched on different aspects of email’s evolution

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (or huge pile of mail), you've probably noticed that many companies that rely on direct marketing have branched out to include other marketing channels - email, mobile, video - besides direct mail in at least some of their campaigns. (Some even run several campaigns without the old horse.) While some have claimed success, many remain unsure of how exactly to profit from these relatively new channels that operate so differently than direct mail.

Look (and listen) no further than this webinar from Direct Marketing IQ, as leading marketers will discuss cross-media best practices for today's harried prospect and, most importantly, several case studies that successfully integrated multiple channels together, such email with mobile and direct mail with email and video.

 Expect to walk away knowing the following:

  • How to use email to save money rather than just make it.
  • How to sync up the follow-up channels behind the initial email blast or direct mail drop.
  • Understand the differences between B2C and B2B email creative ... and the key similarities to help response.
  • How to design a landing page that users love ... and use.
  • For continual rolling ROI, learn to use segmentation and personalization in all channels.
  • How video and mobile can inexpensively fit into your marketing mix, and the new best practices of these emerging channels.
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